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By Tara Zandra | August 31, 2006

Turns out we need a copy of Daisy’s birth certificate to prove she’s under 2 since we did not purchase her a ticket. About that. Everything we’ve ever read says to get your baby a seat and take their carseat on board as they are familiar with it. So when we went to Maine 6 years ago with an 18 month old Tabitha, we followed the advice. Freaking nightmare. She screamed and screamed and screamed and I got reprimanded by a flight attendant and basically we just set her on our lap for take off anyway and then let her play at our feet (bulkhead seats) for the flight. So for the flights home we checked her carseat and had a much smoother ride the entire time.

So this time we’ve decided to completely chuck the conventional wisdom and not get Daisy a seat. Also, the plane is set three seats on each side of the aisle so we’d have to separate the family which would be difficult for such a long flight. Good thing we were reading up on some policies the other night because otherwise we would not have taken a copy of the birth certificate and it’s not like she’s a newborn, she’s a big, talkative kid that could theoretically pass for older than two.

But we did read the policies and I made an online appt. for today to go get the certificate. Of course, since we’re operating with one car right now, we had to take Chris to work and then go straight to the Orange County civic center and by the time we got home, we were all tired of the car. We’re supposed to run other errands, but I don’t know that I actually see that happening. I’m thinking we’re staying in the house until 4:30 when we have to leave to go get Chris.

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