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By Tara Zandra | August 29, 2006

After lessons today during Daisy’s nap I spent some time looking online at reviews and descriptions of various curriculums; specifically, science and writing. I love deciding which program I feel will work best for Tabitha, not only in learning the material, but also her enjoyment of the process. I did make decisions so now I have my next 4 curriculum purchases all lined up- history, science, writing, art. I don’t buy more than one subject at a time because I like to start only one new program at a time so we can evaluate it appropriately without being distracted by 3 other new programs as well.

Another reason is so we don’t do all the same things for a solid year. So many homeschoolers are talking about “starting school” right now and that’s not us. Our home-educating is year round. This allows us to never feel guilty or like we’re falling behind if we take time off. We also do not feel stuck with curriculum choices and feel like we have to finish something out and then wait until the next year to start something new. We’re relaxed in terms of no schedule or packaged curriculum, but we’re structured in that we do use textbooks and sit down at the table to do lessons. So far our style works really well for us.

Thinking about our home-educating for so much of the day has prompted me to work on our extremely outdated homeschooling page of this website. Perhaps tonight after dinner I’ll get to it.

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