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By Tara Zandra | January 30, 2011

Chris, Daisy and I woke Tabi up singing “Go Tabi! It’s your birthday!” while doing the Cabbage Patch and scared the Bejebus out of her. The funny thing is, she ordered us to wake her that way.

She opened her presents which were, an ipod classic (she preferred that over a touch), her own controller for the Xbox, a box of hockey trading cards (from Chris), an American Girl craft book (from Daisy), mood changing nail polish, a towel turban, and a Monster High fedora.

We all got dressed and headed to Downtown Disney. First stop was Jamba Juice where Tabi had oatmeal and a drink. We waited for Studio 365 (tween makeover salon) to open only to find out there was zero chance of them taking a walk-in. We went to Little Miss Matched where Tabitha somehow managed to pick out $42 worth of mismatched socks. Next we headed into California Adventure and it started to rain as soon as we got in line for Toy Story. It was pretty much a light, yet steady drizzle for the rest of our stay. I had bought a scarf that morning and thank goodness I did as I was able to drape it on Daisy. She was a cross between the Virgin Mary and ET. She didn’t care as she had a giant lollipop and that was the focus of all her attention.

After our ride we did a couple of indoor attractions, then the family went on one last ride while I opted out so I could take the stroller inside a shop and keep it dry. I also bought a beach towel to help with the walk back to the car.

All Tabitha had asked for was to eat mozzarella sticks and broccoli and cheese soup at Disneyland. That wasn’t able to happen so we went to Panera Bread for a late lunch so she could at least have soup in a bread bowl.

Once home she put on her brand new toe socks and opened all her hockey cards. After a bit we went to Barnes and Noble so she could get a free cupcake and use one of her gift cards on some new books.

Though the rain definitely changed our plans for the day, she had a pretty good birthday overall and did not go to sleep disappointed.


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