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Birthday Eve.

By Tara Zandra | January 29, 2011

Today is the last day my first baby is 11. We went to Disneyland, though it has nothing to do with her birthday. Rather, we wanted to do the character fan weekend but didn’t want it to cut into her birthday celebration tomorrow. We were there about 3 hours and then headed to my in-laws’ to drop Tabitha off because we hadn’t finished birthday shopping yet. Target, Michaels, Justice, Best Buy and Toys R Us- her presents are complete. Justice was a pain though because after I waited 15-minutes in line (and I was next the whole time), my card wouldn’t work in their register. I had Chris use his card and it wouldn’t read his either. So we had to leave and run to the ATM just to go back. I know it wasn’t a huge deal, but I had waited so long already just standing there with no acknowledgement and seeing so many other employees not opening a second register. All so the person in front of me could spend almost $300 but complain about the cost of the jeans and go on about how her chlid hasn’t opened gifts from her birthday last April and last Christmas. Do you care? I didn’t, but still, I had to listen. But we scored an adorable Monster’s High fedora at 40% off which is going to look fantabulous on our girl. She was made to wear hats, let me tell you.

After we finished all that, we met my in-laws and Tabitha for dinner. We had a bit of a wait since it’s Saturday and even switched from our original plan. We ended up at BJs where the food was delicious as always and the waitress was deaf, slow, and kind of clueless. Whatever. 2008 was the year of horrendous waitresses and waiters to the point where I didn’t even want to go to restaurants any more. 2010 I felt we had pretty good service where ever we went but so far in 2011, I’m unimpressed. With the rate all the restaurants around us are closing, I should be happy for whatever we can get. In the last 6 months, 4 restaurants in our area have closed- all big name chains. Really, really sad. Good thing we like food trucks.

Now we’ve got the little one in bed and we’ll get the big kid off in a few minutes and then we can wrap her gifts up. Tomorrow is all about her at the Happiest Place on Earth :)

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