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By Tara Zandra | January 23, 2011

Today was Kickin’ Country Weekend, or some such nonsense name. It was the weekend two of the Family Fun Weekends at Disneyland and the theme was country music. Good grief was this a hard one to sit through. But it was worth it, we saw lots of great characters in country outfits. Aside from everyone pictured below, there was also Woody and Jessie, but they weren’t wearing anything different than normal, of coruse. Daisy did visit Jessie, just because, but both girls passed on Woody. Next weekend is Character Fan Fest so there will be a ton of geeks like us and I’m assuming much longer lines. But for today, the lines really weren’t too bad so even with riding Thunder Mountain, we were only there about 2 hours total.

Chip and Dale

Sheriff Goofy

Clarabelle Cow (very rare)

Pluto. He’s wearing a bandana, but otherwise, not very country like.

Daisy Duck is semi-rare and getting Donald and Daisy together is a pretty good picture.

Cowboy Mickey Mouse and Cowgirl Minnie Mouse

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