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Take that, Winter!

By Tara Zandra | January 17, 2011

It was so beautiful today I could not imagine spending the whole day inside. While my two sleeping beauties were taking advantage of the rare day I let them sleep in (that sounds wrong. If Tabitha sleeps even a half hour past normal, she has a ton of trouble going to sleep at night. Daisy can go about a whole extra hour before it affects her bedtime.) I put on their calendars that we’d be going to a certain park after lessons today. They both discovered what I wrote on their own and were quite thrilled. We did just half lessons so we’d have time for the park before dance. Daisy just did math and reading and Tabitha did math, spelling, and medieval history. Tomorrow we’ll work on more moon stuff and I know I’m going to regret not getting my copying and cutting done tonight, but I’m just not in the mood. There are nights where I work for an hour or so getting lessons stuff ready and then there are the nights like tonight where I am enjoying sitting on my bootie at the computer doing nothing of value. Except, I did order books on medieval history so I guess I was still thinking about lessons.

The park wasn’t 100% what I would have liked. There were screaming kids there which was annoying. I know, it’s a park, but so few people go to parks around here that we usually have them to ourselves, other than our gathering on Fridays. But as it’s a holiday and, like I said, gorgeous weather, I’m not surprised others were there. But I also stepped in gum, there wasn’t shade to sit in, and the playground was hot. So we did not stay as long as we normally would, but the girls were happy with the time they chose to play. I’m still glad we went, just wished it could have gone slightly differently.

Tonight we get TV back! Chuck returns and I’m looking forward to hanging out with the hubby after we get this second kid off to bed. I look forward to our evenings relaxing together and we haven’t had much to watch due to holidays so tonight should be good :)

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