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When it finally warms up, what will I blog about?

By Tara Zandra | January 8, 2011

The high today is 58. The temperature should never drop below the speed limit.

Tabitha had a Girl Scout overnight event last night. The rest of us went to a food truck fest that we found out about last minute. Very, very cold, but there were gas heaters set up near tables (I’ve never seen tables at a food truck event) so we survived. Daisy was less than thrilled about being cold but she sure chowed down on her Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites. That was some good stuff. Chris had tofu tacos with kimchi while I went for sweet potato fries with a spicy creme freche. Then Chris got a blackberry and nutella crepe and I picked up chaufa(I think?) which as far as I can tell was fried rice with tofu. But it was simply the best fried fried rice and tofu I’ve ever had. The flavor was amazing. Daisy was more than happy to share it with me. It came with a wonderfully spicy sauce that seemed to be cucumber flavored. It was big enough that I was able to bring half home which I’m thinking will be lunch today. After that, Chris grabbed a Hawaiian shave ice with condensed milk and Daisy asked for ice cream despite her coldness. She got donut flavored and I got the last bit of it and it tasted like the most flavorful donut ever. So yeah, we had some good food last night. I am sorry Tabitha missed it, but I know she’s having her own fun.

Once we got Daisy into bed, Chris and I settled in with “The Kids are All Right.” It was every bit as good as the reviews and very enjoyable if a bit sad. It’s one we wanted to see in the theater when it came out but never managed. It was a good first movie for the new TV.

Today we are emptying, moving, and refilling bookcases and waiting for the new washing machine to show up. Ooooh, exciting times.

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One Response to “When it finally warms up, what will I blog about?”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    January 9th, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I haven’t been to food trucks in a few weeks–last time I went it was the Louks truck, and I had a falafel with french fries inside. Mmmm. BTW, they have about 10 trucks at the fairgrounds every Thursday at lunchtime, if you ever happen to be in this area.