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no work, no school

By Tara Zandra | January 3, 2011

But free time is over as it is back to lessons, dance, Park Day, and Girl Scouts this week. No book club yet, at least, but everything else is back in full force!

Lessons went well today, for the most part. The big one grumbled about math and the little one grumbled about printing, so all was normal. But we got a lot accomplished with plenty of play time thrown in and never feeling rushed. I usually try to cram too much into Monday because for some reason I think we have a load of time. In actuality though, we only have until 2:45 and there’s 2 hours of dance and 2 hours of Girl Scouts with overlapping times and I have to prepare dinner during the day. I was finally able to see the light with my planning last night and didn’t try to do everything at once. Tomorrow and Wednesday are less full so we’ll add extra stuff in. For instance we’ll be starting lapbooks about the Moon. Daisy wants to learn about the Earth and other planets so in my research for her, I came across a lapbook that can be adapted for grades K-6 so I figured Tabitha could work on it too. I also recently found a solar system science kit for Tabitha’s level, so I’ll get her that for when we’re done with the Moon specifically. I have another lapbook on planet Earth but it’s only for K-3. Plus, Tabitha has done plenty on Earth in the past, I don’t think she’s needs a rehash. We’ll also plan a couple trips to the Griffith Observatory. I haven’t been there since their big reopening a couple years ago. I want to go once during the day and then again at night for star gazing. I figure from this, Daisy and I can branch into habitats and Tabitha can do a lapbook on weather which is something she’s always been interested in exploring further.

I’m currently sitting at dance where it must be 10 degrees colder than outside and it’s not exactly warm outside! The kids have portable heaters in the classrooms but this lobby is like the arctic! My hands hurt so bad and my nose and toes have lost all feeling. Oh well, only 75-minutes to go! :(

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