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1000 times better

By Tara Zandra | June 29, 2010

Yesterday was beyond miserable. In the evening, I asked Chris for a back massage because I wanted something to feel good. Somehow he massaged the cough right out of me! This morning, it was just about gone. I took zero meds all day and didn’t have one of the freakishly, violent coughing fits until around 4 this afternoon. I told him I need another massage tonight to get rid of this last bit!

But for the most part, sadly I still physically felt wretched because now I’ve lightly pulled a few muscles in my back due to all the coughing. So I still didn’t do much for today. I did laundry because that wasn’t an option, but I wasn’t even dressed until about 11. Tabs never dressed at all though nothing is wrong with her. Odd day around here but as I figure they only happen once in a very great while, then no harm done.

The girls alternated going on the computers and playing outside. Tabitha did a grand chalk drawing this afternoon. It’s the American flag but she did it with wet chalks and very thorough strokes so it’s very vibrant.

This evening I started working on Daisy’s latest dress. I chose all the fabric, 5 different ones, and cut out all the pieces. I’m anxious for tomorrow evening to get back to it so I can start actually sewing it together. It’s been described as difficult, but honestly, after reading a couple of tutorials on it, the hardest part seemed to be the tracing and adding the seam allowance and I already did that. Ah, but those are possibly famous last words :)

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