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hacking it

By Tara Zandra | June 27, 2010

There’s more to life than [still] being sick, but it still works for a title.

Today was a relaxing day for the Anc Fam. Tabs slept until nearly 9 and Chris later still. I didn’t even serve breakfast until after 10. Then we gathered up our donations and headed to Goodwill. We hadn’t been in a long time so we had many things to donate. We also made a quick stop at the grocery store because we were down to water and Diet Coke in the house for beverages. So I was fine, but the rest of the family was complaining :)

Once we were home again, Chris and I tackled the very out of control dress-up basket. Daisy dresses up all the time, but never hangs the outfits back up (I’m guessing because she can’t). She drops them in the BIG basket of accessories and over time it had grown to about 3 feet tall. So we did some rearranging, as well as stashing a group of toys in the garage to see if the kids miss them, and now the basket is gone completely which opened up the entry to the playroom considerably.

After lunch we all did our own thing. Tabitha was in the playroom, Daisy was at the computer, Chris was playing XBox and I did the quick princess sundress for Daisy I intended to get done last week. At some point people shifted with Daisy outside in water, Tabi at the computer, Chris watching Dodgers and me on a new sewing project.

I recently bought a European pattern which is different than patterns here. You have to trace the patterns first as well as give a seam allowance since it doesn’t come with one. I spent some time working on that and reading a tutorial on this particular pattern. I’ve since finished all the tracing and cutting out my pattern pieces so now I just have to figure out which fabrics I want to use to make it! I was pleased to find out it goes as large as Tabitha so I plan to make her a Halloween outfit with this pattern; maybe Christmas instead. I can picture it with santa fur embellishments and black boots. Hmmm, many possibilities to consider.

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