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time for the show!

By Tara Zandra | June 26, 2010

Today was the long-awaited dance recital. We had dress rehearsal first thing this morning, then a brief break, then back to the theater for the show. The girls did great (of course) and the kids were all adorable. I helped out in the little kids’ room again this year. Hoo boy, was it ever loud! We had 46 kids aged 2-6 and 4 parents including myself. But I wasn’t that great of help because I’m still sick. 8 days and counting! My voice is horrid and goes in and out and I cough a lot so I didn’t want to touch kids so not sure how much help I was though I did my best. I didn’t have the option of not being back there because I didn’t have a ticket to sit in the audience.

But aside from me, it was all good.

And now, I am exhausted. I’m just counting the minutes until Tabitha is asleep so I can go to bed. Pictures are basically the same as the ones I’ve shared before. If you’re really interested, I did post them on Facebook.

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