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By Tara Zandra | June 25, 2010

First time using the netbook at a park to blog. I don’t have any access to wi-fi of course, but I’ll upload when I get home. I just have Daisy with me as Tabitha and Chris are at the NHL draft. Thankfully it’s just round 1 so it shouldn’t take all night, but there’s still no telling when they’ll get home.

So we’ve been totally doing stuff the last couple of weeks while I’ve been not blogging. I want to get them down here if for no other reason than for the future when I’ll look back at this time to see what we’ve been up to.

Two weeks ago Chris and I went out to see our friends’ band, The Friendly Indians. I used to be able to type that sentence more often, but we haven’t seen them play since New Year’s Eve 2004. They played one more gig a few months later and then that was it. Until now. Man it was good to see them again. It was like a mini-reunion with tons of friends I used to work with at Disneyland showing up to see them as well. We had a fabulous time and I don’t think they stopped playing until well past midnight. Before the show, Chris and I needed to grab something to eat and lucked out by finding a vegan restaurant. So the evening started great and just got better!

Last week Tabitha had a day camp to attend. It was an archaeology day camp where there was a recreation of a dig at Jamestown. Oh she had a fabulous time! It did nothing but fuel her love of archaeology. It happened to be located a little over an hour away and since class started at 8 in the morning, we decided to get a hotel room nearby. Chris even took the time off of work to go with us. So it was like a mini-vacation which was lovely.

Tabitha’s class was out at noon so each day we grabbed lunch after picking her up and then went to do something fun. First day was John’s Incredible Pizza which is like a better Chuck E Cheese. Unfortunately, it’s an older one so it wasn’t fabulous, but the kids loved earning tickets for their games and the lunch buffet was pretty good. There are others around here so we promised the kids we’d go again to one of the bigger and newer ones.

Another day we went to play indoor mini golf with the lure of glow in the dark play. Yeah, it was pretty rinky-dink. Really low budget and beyond cheesy but the kids had a blast so I guess it was worth it. First shot, Daisy was holding the putter strange so I told Chris to help her change her grip but before he got a chance she hit her ball and got a hole-in-one! We decided not to help her after that.

We also spent time in the hotel’s pool which is always a favorite activity with the kids. It was indoors, small, and heated to bath water temperature so it was frankly the best pool I have ever been in in my life. I absolutely loved it!

And this past weekend was Father’s Day weekend which means Chris was gone with his dad and brother. The girls and I had a nice time, despite me and Daisy being sick. Saturday we went to Seal Beach to see family that was in from out of town. They had rented a beach house and invited everyone to come see them. We visited for a bit and ate some really good food then headed down to the beach. My sister went to the beach with us so we chatted while I kept an eagle eye on my non-swimmers. They had a great time in the shallowest of water and neither kid asked me to take them deeper so I stayed dry. Woo-hoo!

Sunday I mentioned that we went to the science center. We saw the new Tinker Toys exhibit and I let the kids do their dinosaur scavenger hunt.

Chris came home Monday and he now had Tabitha’s cold. He woke up Tuesday morning and couldn’t get out of bed so he had to call in sick. He slept for hours and it did him a world of good. He didn’t feel so hot Wed. morning either, but knew he’d been fine after a few hours.

Wed. Tabitha had a book club meeting which was 4 hours so Daisy and I did a few errands and then a promised trip to the Disney Store. She was supposed to get to play in the play area at the mall, but somehow we ran out of time. To make up for it I told her I bring her to a park she’s been begging to go to which brings me back to right now here at the park :)

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One Response to “backlog”

  1. Aunt Kari Says:
    June 26th, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    What a nice long blog. You guys sure keep busy and do such interesting things. My 11 year old granddaughter is going to be in town for the next 2 weeks and I want to find some interesting things to do with her.