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glory be

By Tara Zandra | June 24, 2010

I actually tried on, and bought, 3 dresses today! I went to Gap to try on a skirt and top that I was thinking of purchasing online since I had 30% off. Well, the skirt was nowhere to be found, then I saw the signs that said all women’s sale items were an additional 40% off. Then I found the rack of dresses and every single style was in my size. Not sure how that happend. After all the reductions, two of the dresses were only $10.79 each, can’t beat that! I also bought a camisole at Target to wear underneath so the dresses wouldn’t be inappropriate for park day since they have some deep v-necks. They’d be fine for going out, but a bit too much skin for hanging out with mamas, papas, and kids.

I did get two scrapbook layouts done this week, but they took me 4 days total so that’s not a good speed. I’m still feeling really tired and unmotivated though from this silly virus, so I’ll assume I’ll get more stuff done next week.

My brain isn’t up for formulating any more coherant thoughts so I’m out. Just didn’t want to go too long in between posts.

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One Response to “glory be”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    June 24th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Hmm, I might have to check out Gap this weekend. Were they long dresses or short ones? I love dresses, but they have to be above the knee to look good on me (darn short legs!)