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together again

By Tara Zandra | June 21, 2010

Chris came home from his guys’ weekend today. Though us girls kept busy this weekend, we were most definitely glad to get him home. One benefit though to me being sick is I was too tired to hear noises that weren’t there so I actually slept this weekend. We celebrated his homecoming by going out to dinner. It was just Chili’s but I really wanted their chips and salsa. Afterwards we went to Target where Chris bought Red Dead Redemption as a Father’s Day gift to himself. My gift to him was getting his car washed yesterday, lol. He’s playing the game now while I use my beloved netbook next to him.

I finished two outfits for Daisy since Thursday. I could leave it at that and make it sound impressive, but in reality, the first one was a length of pre-shirred adn pre-hemmed Tinkerbell fabric. All I did was sew up the back and add straps. Oh but she is in love with that dress! I’m going to make some ruffly pants for her to wear underneath once it’s cold again, that way I can throw a shirt under the dress and she can wear it much longer. I have a princess one to do as well, but we’re going to make that one with halter straps and I don’t like the look over a shirt so it will be a summer only dress. I’ll maybe sew capris for next year as I’m sure it will be too short by then, but obviously that plan can wait.

The other outfit was really just a skirt. A few weeks ago I checked Gymboree’s clearance rack and found a shirt from their daisy line that I didn’t have. It was around $5 once I used a coupon so I could not pass it up. But she had nothing for it to go with. I bought some fabric to match and made a quick panel skirt to match. We already have accessories since she has other outfits from that line so it’s even a true complete outfit. She is going to love it when she sees it tomorrow.

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