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still sick/still sunburned

By Tara Zandra | June 20, 2010

I’m so weak I can’t do anything if I feel even a tad less than perfect. Oh, I can go do fun stuff, hence a lovely afternoon at a science center today, but I can’t do anything I’m suppsoed to do. Although, I’m guessing my use of the word can’t isn’t accurate, probably more like an excuse.

I slept until 8:50 today. I’d like to point out that the last time I did that, I didn’t have children. In fact, Daisy wasn’t even up when I got up which of course meant she couldn’t go to sleep tonight. But I had that morning thing where you feel your worst so I didn’t kick it into high gear for at least an hour. We finally got out of the house around 11 to run to the grocery store for some basics, but both kids told me they were hungry on the way home so we still didn’t leave-leave until 12:30. It was nice though, the science center wasn’t crowded at all and the kids got to do many of their favorite activities plus enjoy the new exhibits.

We made a quick stop at Taco Bell though because I hadn’t had lunch before we left and then went to Mother’s Kitchen where I proceeded to spend upwards of fifty bucks on vegetarian jerky. *sigh* I’m weak.

Once home we all did our own thing and then I made a quick dinner (cool tahini pasta) which Daisy rejected. After dinner, Tabitha opened her pedicure salon for Miss Daisy who got “The Whole Shebang” and now has sparkly toes. Literally because Tabitha painted well past the actual toenails. I got Daisy down to bed and then popped popcorn and settled in with Tabi and Tooth Fairy. I had planned to take her to see it in the theatre, but I guess it did rather poorly and was out of the theatre before I ever got a chance. On Demand to the rescue! It was cute and I enjoyed it.

Now I’m not feeling particularly tired, but don’t really have anything to do. I could watch another movie, but I don’t know that I really care enough to shell out another six dollars for When in Rome. Eh, we’ll see.

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One Response to “still sick/still sunburned”

  1. Mel Says:
    June 20th, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    I can’t find the vegetarian jerky we used to buy in CO at Vitamin Cottage (small natural food grocer chain) and I am in withdrawals. LOL BTW, we really liked Tooth Fairy. I was surprised.