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the end of the celebration

By Tara Zandra | June 1, 2010

Yesterday was a pretty good day for a birthday. The weather was gorgeous which is really all I ask for on most days. We did go to Disneyland as usual and we rode rides I wanted to ride. I tried to buy myself a frozen banana as a treat (I cannot remember the last time I had one, probably at least 15 years) but that actually didn’t work out. But we got some good pictures and I did a bit of shopping for the type of things that I look at, but never buy for myself. We ended the day at Chipotle because that sounded good to me. The evening didn’t really feel like anything special and frankly, Chris and I just read our books until 10:30 and then called it a night. Too much celebrating for this now older person!

Today the girls and I went to lunch with my mother and then we all went to dinner with my in-laws. Both my mom and my in-laws gave me the same gift- a Best Buy gift card, which is just what I wanted. I combined the two and bought a netbook for myself. Unfortunately the one I wanted is only available online so I won’t have it for a couple days, but it should be here by week’s end.

For years I have said the perfect computer would be one the size of a book. Finally they exist! I’ve been wanting one for over a year, but I’m glad I waited as there are many more choices now. This is the one I chose. I enjoy blogging on the go sometimes but don’t always want the hassle of the laptop since I then need to take a tote bag for it. A netbook will fit in my purse. Plus, I’m going to load my Quicken software on it and it will be like a checkbook. A smart phone isn’t quite big enough and an ipad is too costly so this will be perfect for me and I cannot wait until it arrives.

Tomorrow I work on getting everything in our daily life back to normal. I think my mind is still on vacation though so we’ll see how that works out :)

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One Response to “the end of the celebration”

  1. Mel Says:
    June 15th, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    That is what I really wanted for Mother’s Day. I got a Kindle which is great too but I am still jealous of your netbook. I’m thinking of getting one if I come into some cash. Personally I have zero interest in the iPad thing or any of those related items.