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How do you spell relief?

By Tara Zandra | April 12, 2006

I’ve battled a massive caffeine headache all day. I hate when the stores are out of caffeine-free Diet Coke because it always results in a day or two of pounding headaches after a few days of so much caffeine, as I’ve mentioned before. Today was really bad though, my eyes and ears were pounding as well even after I broke down and went to McD’s for a 32oz Diet Coke and picked up another 20oz at Petco. By 4:00pm I simply could not take it anymore and got the kids ready and we took a walk to SavOn for some Excedrin, another 20oz and two Twix bars a healthy snack. Tomorrow I’ll just take an Excedrin in the morning and by the day after I should be fine without the caffeine. Of course, I need to buy more soda for the house on Friday and if the store only has regular Diet Coke then I’ll be starting the cycle all over again next week.

On our walk, we passed my mil’s work as she was leaving so we chatted for a little while and firmed up plans for Sunday. It’s been decided I don’t need to bring anything so whatever I want to bring is fine but I’m not sure I know what I feel like making. Perhaps I’ll peruse some of my cookbooks tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday morning Tabitha made a mouse pom-pom animal and named him Cheddar Jack. I sat him in front of her and said that was to be her inspiration for her Creative Writing.

“Cheddar Jack love to play with his ball. If he’s not eating cheese, Cheddar Jack’s playing with his ball. That’s my mouse.”

I’ll share today’s as well since I have it in front of me. The topic was “blue.”

“I hope that on Ester I get lots of blue Hot Wheels in my eggs. I probably won’t, but there’s hope. What if I did!”

Methinks I need to stop at Target tomorrow for a last minute blue item, lol.

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