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By Tara Zandra | February 5, 2010

We were putting in our troop’s cookie orders this evening so it was our first chance to tally up Tabitha’s sales. She is halfway to her goal with just shy of 500 boxes of cookies! She still needs another 500 and it won’t be easy, but she is determined. Our troop has a lot of booth sales scheduled and she plans to go around the neighborhood this weekend. Once we have the cookies in hand, she load them into a wagon and go around the neighborhood again. I don’t know that she’ll hit 1000, but she’s going to come darn close and she is quite happy about that.

Today started off with book club but no park due to rain. We went to Target for Daisy to spend her gift card and then met my MIL for lunch. We then went to a McDonald’s to play, but Daisy wasn’t having any fun so we bought the girls small sundaes and headed to Toys R Us so Daisy could spend her other gift card. Then we went back to Target so Tabi could use some of her gift cards and finally we made it home.

Waiting for us here were boxes of decorations for Daisy’s party. Everything is adorable and I cannot wait for her tea party :) Tabitha took over the laptop, I settled at the desktop, Chris played video games in the living room and Daisy played with all her new toys. Eventually I joined Chris in playing Karaoke Revolution with Daisy watching. Tabitha was making High School Musical videos with her Barbies and they were pretty funny to watch. We’re thinking we’ll get her set up in the dining room with better lighting and have her redo one of them and then I’ll post them to YouTube for fun.

Eventually we got the little one off to bed, after a quick game of Candyland, and then Tabitha, Chris and I worked on the cookie orders.

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One Response to “halfway”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    February 7th, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Good grief, even 500 boxes sounds like a whole lot to me. I think the most Gillian’s ever sold was 60 or 70, and that was the year I was the only Girl Scout parent in my office!