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no title tonight

By Tara Zandra | November 10, 2009

Daisy first got the sniffles last Monday afternoon. She still has them. Tabitha has had a cough for roughly 3 weeks now. I’ve had a sore throats for a week. Chris has a full actual cold. Basically he put together all the symptoms the rest of us have and combined them. At least his way is efficient and hopefully will be much shorter than the rest of us. I guess our germs are just feeding off of each other at this point. I wish I knew how to combat them.


For anyone who has Wii Fit, I highly recommend you spend $20 and upgrade to Wii Fit Plus. Absolutely worth it. I’ve had it for a month now and it makes the Wii Fit so much easier. There are 15 new games, so if you or your kids just do the games, it’s probably worth it for that. I rarely play the games though, for me the best part is the new feature where you can choose yoga and strength activities and make a list that it will remember. Not only that, but no more showing your score and having to choose each new activity which was so slow and annoying. Now all the activities you choose in your list run right in a row without pause. That alone is worth the twenty bucks in my opinion. Now instead of it taking 45 minutes to complete 10 activities, I can do 17 poses in 31 minutes. Also, there’s a shortcut now to skip the whole body test/ Wii Fit age thing that also took too darn long. My mornings are much more streamlined now. You can’t add aerobics to the preset list, but since I only do 2 or 3 of those at a time anyway, the extra minutes in between are no big deal.

Tonight I set a yoga list for Tabitha. I know Wii Fit yoga isn’t exactly meditative yoga, but it’s better than nothing. Ideally I could find a yoga kids DVD that had maybe 7 different chapters and each chapter was a 10-minute yoga session, but for kids. That way it would be a different set each day. I have a couple things on my Amazon wish list, but none are what I described.


I’ve been looking at natural play ares, such as used in the Waldorf and/or Montessori method. This blog shows an example, here’s another, and one last example.

Because, you know, we go to the park once a week with homeschool friends and let me tell you, the kids are not playing on the equipment. Instead, they’re digging in sand, climbing trees, building fairy houses in the crook of tree roots, and playing in the bushes. Not just my kids either, almost all the kids. It would be nice to be able to foster a little of that at home. Tabitha and I were talking about an ideal outdoor space and she definitely has some very set ideas. Thankfully they are doable in our space. One must will be a sunflower fort.


Anyone still want to see Halloween pictures? If so, I’ll work on them tomorrow evening.

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