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cradle and all

By Tara Zandra | October 6, 2009

So Daisy has taken to acting out the song “Rock-a-bye Bab” when we sing it. But when we get to the part that goes “and then down will come bay-bee” she puts her arms up like she’s flying, opens her mouth and her eyes wide and looks terrified to simulate falling. It does not get less funny over time, let me tell you. Tabitha didn’t know she did that and was humming the song for Daisy today (they were playing the hum game, of course) and when Daisy made the look, Tabitha broke into such a fit of laughter she could barely breathe. This only encourages the child.

Daisy is quite fond of saying, to whomever, “You’re funny, but I’m the funniest in our family.”

She really is, too :)

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