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Fair Square

By Tara Zandra | October 4, 2009

Thursday was a jam-packed day starting with the fair! We look forward to this time every year. I’ve been going since I was a kid since my day really enjoys fairs of all kinds. The fair bug kind of stuck with me when I grew up. Tabitha has been entering competitions in the fair since she was 5 and Daisy has also been eligible to enter a couple of the competitions both last year and this.

We started off in the farm area where the kids could ooh and aah over animals not usually seen by city kids :) I think Daisy liked the geese best though the baby goats were adorable. Chris has decided he wants chickens for pest control and the girls are very much on board with that idea! Somehow, I don’t see it happening, lol.

Eventually we made our way to the building housing the competitions and immediately set out to find our girls’ entries. We were happy to find they won ribbons for everything they entered:

coloring contest- first place
decorate a fish contest- first place
decorate a stuffed star fish- second place

photography- first place
build an ocotpus- first place
art (drawing done with colored pencils)- third place
decorate a fish- second place

It’s all done with the Danish scoring system meaning each entry is judged on it’s own and awarded ribbons based on score as opposed to being in direct competition with others. However, Tabitha won two special awards that are over other entrants. For her drawing she received “Best Use of Theme” (which was Under the Sea) and for her octopus she received the sweepstakes award! That makes 3 years in a row she’s won a sweepstakes :) I’ll get pictures up this week sometime. I won’t narrow it down more than that because we know how I procrastinate!

Once we saw all their ribbons, we did a few rides, a couple exhibit halls, and one shopping hall and by then we had been there for 5 hours and it was time to go. Off we went to gymnastics! We ended up dropping Tabitha off as Daisy declared she wasn’t going that day and in fact, was fast asleep in the car when we arrived anyway. We quickly ran home so Chris and I could change clothes then it was back to get Tabitha. Next we raced to drop the girls off with my in-laws and off Chris and I went to….

Pearl Jam! This was our 8th Pearl Jam concert together (Chris saw them once before we met) and it was a great show! We’re Ten Club members which means we buy our tickets through the club and have no idea where our seats will be until we get there. Tickets are given out on a seniority basis so our seats can only get better with each show we see. Four of the rows are given randomly, the first two rows and then the first two rows of the second section. We lucked out and got one of the special rows so our seats were only 10 rows from the stage! Oh my goodness they were incredible! The view positively could not be beat. They were playing the Gibson Ampitheatre which is small anyway, so 10 rows back is uber close. We took a ton of pictures (I will also post those) and quite a few videos. It was really a great concert and always a treat to see them play.

Skipping straight to Saturday now.

We started off cleaning the whole house and then it was time to put up the Halloween decorations. It was fun to pull out everything we haven’t seen in a year. I especially enjoyed seeing my pumpkins I made last year since this is only their second time in use.

After a while it was time to take Tabitha to a birthday party. We dropped her off and then Chris, Daisy and I headed to Toys R Us to look at their costumes. We didn’t find what we were looking for but still took the time to look around. We went into Joann’s so I could see if I could find a pattern (nope) and while I was looking at the pattern books, my eyes fell on the sewing craft section. You know, I really did enjoy making those pumpkins last year and I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts in the past. I used to do plastic canvas and also counted cross stitch. Eventually scrapbooking took the place of those and then I added in sewing a couple years ago. I think I need to do more sewing crafts, I think I would really enjoy them. And if they are hand stitched items, I could even take them to park with me to work on while visiting with friends. Definitely something I need to look into more.

After we picked Tabitha up from the party, we got to spend a whole hour at home and then it was time for Chris to take Tabitha back to the fair for a cake decorating contest. It was not for tasting cakes so I made the cake myself from a mix, but Tabitha did all the decorating. The theme was still Under the Sea and she did a real cute fish bowl (seriously, there will be pictures). In the end she got a second place ribbon and also a bit of experience in what the judges are looking for in this competition. She said she enjoyed it and not only wants to enter again next year, but plans to decorate a cake for the next family gathering for a holiday. I told her she might as well bake the cake herself too since it seems silly for me to do it.

Once they were home, we were able to watch the Dodgers (finally!) beat the Rockies to win the division title for the second straight season. There was much celebrating in this house and Tabitha stayed up over an hour past her bedtime so she could watch the Dodgers spray champagne on each other.

Finally we come to today. We got up at the crack of too early and headed out to Disneyland to partake of the Halloween festivities. Many villains were out which is kind of rare so we waited in line a couple times to be sure we saw them all. Daisy decided she didn’t want to see Jafar but I told her she was going to (keep in mind she was neither truly scared, nor crying as I would never in a million years force a scared child to do anything). I told her she could cover her eyes and look scared for the pictures. Boy did she take me up on that! The child pretended to run away as soon as it was our turn and had to be dragged over by Chris. Again, she was laughing the whole time with a giant smile on her face! Chris deposited her in front of Jafar where she promptly stood next to him proper and then covered her eyes facing the camera. I soo love it! The picture is fantastic and everyone around thought she was the cutest thing :)

Daisy was also very fortunate to meet Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas though she didn’t consider herself lucky. I took her in the line while Chris and Tabitha were riding the Ghost Galaxy version of Space Mountain. She did tell me she didn’t want to, but I decided to stay in line and see if she would change her mind. She has Nightmare before Christmas toys that she asked for last Christmas and simply adores them. She will also ride the NBC version of Haunted Mansion and has no issues so I thought it was worth a shot. But as soon as we got up there she stood behind me and told me she didn’t want to and she definitely was not playing around. So I told them never mind as she changed her mind and we started to walk away. The handler stopped Daisy and asked if Daisy would like her to take her autograph book up to Jack and Sally for her. Daisy agreed and I took a picture of them signing her book. Sally called over to Daisy to ask her name which Daisy answered herself. Then Sally asked what she was going to be for Halloween and knelt down while reaching her arm out to Daisy. Miss Brave walked over there and talked to her for awhile and then Sally asks if Daisy would like a picture of the three of them. She agreed! She was happy and smiling and not a bit scared. I really love Sally now, let me tell you. She was completely wonderful and knew just what to do to put a timid child at ease.

We did a few more fun things including all of getting Dia de los Muertos face paintings and then eventually it was time to go. We didn’t plan to leave when we did, but outside forces let us know it was time. We ate dinner at home and each relaxed in our own way until respective bedtimes. Chris and I are going to watch Amazing Race and then I believe we’ll be turing in early.

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2 Responses to “Fair Square”

  1. Aunt Kari Says:
    October 5th, 2009 at 6:18 am

    What very talented and creative girls you have. Hurry and get the pictures up (LOL). Lovely bit about Daisy and the Nightmare Before Christmas characters.

  2. Mel Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Wow, that all sounds awesome about the fair and Pearl Jam! Woot!