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no need for an alarm

By Tara Zandra | September 30, 2009

For the second day in a row I was up well before the sun. In general I prefer to have sunlight when I wake up, but it wasn’t really a choice. Once I’m awake in the morning, then I’m pretty much up. I tried to go back to sleep this morning, but after 15 minutes, Daisy came in and crashed on the floor bed so I got up to get her blanket and realized I felt just fine and was rather awake so I stopped trying and just got dressed. I left the room and Daisy promptly got up and followed me to tell me she was getting up too. Since it was a quarter to six, I flat out told her no and put her back to bed. Then, 25 minutes later, Tabitha comes out of her room. I told her to go back to bed too as that’s at least an hour too early for her but she said she’s been awake off and on for awhile and every time she fell asleep she would have a bad dream. So I got her pillow and blanket and had her lay on the couch since I was out here too and she did go back to sleep for another hour.

The rest of the day went by kind of fast, I think. We had a play date this morning. The girls each had someone to play with since it’s siblings we visited and I got in a lovely 2 hour chat with my friend before we headed back home. I made everyone lunch and even though I wasn’t very hungry, I ate too. I was playing a computer game after I ate and realized I couldn’t focus and how fuzzy the computer looked so I went to lay down for awhile. It was probably 2 hours that I slept and I still felt just awful when I woke up. That’s why I hate naps, but sometimes the body needs one whether I want one or not.

I managed to pull myself together and clear my head in order to take Tabi to dance class. Daisy and I dropped her off since we needed to run to Target for a few essentials like milk and Diet Coke. It took longer than I expected so when we got back to the studio we sat down for all of 5-minutes before Tabitha was done.

We came home, Chris arrived soon after us and then we went out to Chipotle- much like last Wednesday. I simply did not feel up to cooking. I still feel just slightly fuzzy but I assume a good night’s sleep will take care of that.

Right now we’re chilling while we wait for shows to finish recording and then we’ll watch Glee before heading to bed. We have a loooong but very fun day planned for tomorrow (Chris took tomorrow off) so I really hope we can all manage to sleep in a little bit.

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