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By Tara Zandra | September 29, 2009

We get to dance class this morning and on our way in, I ask Daisy if she was planning to dance in her Crocs. She smacks her forehead and says “Ohmygosh! I forgot my backpack!” I thought it was no big deal and went back to the car; except, she meant she left it at home, not just in the car. Her teacher told her she could still dance but she was upset and didn’t want to stay so off we went. I’m thinking next week, when I tell her to get her bag, so won’t put it down until we’re in the car.

We headed to Target for a few items before coming back home. Tabitha did some lessons, but was unable to do French because of her cold. She couldn’t pronounce anything correctly and it wouldn’t pass her on anything. I went ahead and did some of my French because I am so far behind Tabitha it’s not funny. I’ve got to be more consistent though because it’s tough to pick it back up after a couple weeks of not doing it.

Eventually we went to violin and when we got there, Tabitha realized she left one of her books at home. We live close enough that I was able to zip home and grab it but apparently it was a forgetful kind of day for the girls.

Daisy really wanted to do some lessons when we got home so we pulled out the Nursery Rhyme pockets and did a full pocket. She really likes those and I wish there were more K-1 books. There is one other based on folk tales and fairytales so we’ll do that one next. Tabitha is not currently doing a pocket, but we’ll do Rome History Pockets as soon as we finish Story of the World 1 which ends with the fall of Rome. I think we’ll also do the Greek and Roman Myths literature pocket. Then we’ll start Story of the World 2.

Both girls are in bed now and Chris and I are being frustrated watching the Dodgers play not so well. They are good at late-inning comebacks, so I’d really like to see that happen again tonight.

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