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easy like sunday morning

By Tara Zandra | September 28, 2009

We had a very laid back weekend. It wasn’t supposed to be, but Tabitha came down with a cold that necessitated the postponement of some plans. So we hung around the house watching Dodger games and a Brady Bunch marathon. Tabitha loved the Brady Bunch for which I’m glad because on my Christmas list is the shag carpet box set and I want us to watch all of them in order- much like we’re doing with I Love Lucy right now.

We watched a couple episodes of Lucy on Saturday and even Daisy laughed at a few of the jokes. We’re watching season 1 which first aired in 1951 and yet, today’s kids find them funny. Warms my heart :)

I also played a whole lot of Webk!nz this weekend, both kids also spent time on the computers, and Chris played his game on the XBox. I also did a wee bit of scrapbooking yesterday. I finished one layout and started another which isn’t enough, but I’m hoping to get to more today since I left it all out and we have nowhere to go today. I’m still working on my Disney World layouts and have so far finished Day 1 (travel day), Day 2 (Magic Kingdom), Day 3 (World Showcase), Day 4 (Animal Kingdom), and all but one layout for Day 5 (Future World and mini-golf at Fantasia Gardens). But there’s still Hollywood Studios, another Animal Kingdom day, another Magic Kingdom day and then miscellaneous layouts like one of the girls in all their custom outfits. I guess I’m halfway done which is good, but I’ve been working on it since February, which is bad.

I need a one week vacation where we don’t do lessons or go to any classes and eat very easy meals. Then maybe I could get some serious scrapbooking in. As long as someone took away the power cords to the computers, that is :)

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