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is it bedtime yet?

By Tara Zandra | September 16, 2009

Nothing like having very disturbing dreams and then being awoken in the middle of them. I still haven’t shook the dream hangover and it’s been over an hour. Oh well, nothing a little pick me up from McD’s drive-thru can’t cure. If you can’t tell, yes I’m drinking caffeine again, but not at home. Because spending 4 bucks a day buying it elsewhere somehow means I’m not addicted again. Le sigh.

By the way, I need to say, “Go me!” I didn’t let anything slide yesterday and accomplished everything I needed and did dishes. That’s why I drink the caffeine, lol.

Today my goal is to have Miss Tabitha ready for the day sometime before 10am. This will not be easily accomplished but I’m willing to try. It would be easier I think if I got off the computer though. I would like her to do violin theory, violin practice, and French before we head out to her science class. I have no illusions of much more than that in lessons today, but that’s okay. We could do more if I wanted to schedule every minute of her day- but I don’t. It’s very important, in my opinion, that she have plenty of non-structured time to do as she pleases. It’s just a matter of balancing that with what I’d like to accomplish with her on any given day.

Okay, 8:30am, I need to feed the kiddies and get myself into some semblance of an awake and dressed person. I’ll ramble more later.

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