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from this morning

By Tara Zandra | September 15, 2009

I have a severe case of writer’s block, I think. Every time I open Wordpress, I type one sentence and end up closing and never finishing.

Chris is home with a very sore back today, so I left Tabitha there to get a few lessons in while I’m at dance class with Daisy. Then I have to rush home, grab Tabi and head out to a science class. Then a quick stop at Mother’s Kitchen before coming home for lunch at which point I will then leave Daisy with Chris and shuttle Tabitha to violin and gymnastics. Somewhere in all that I also need to make a menu and shopping list, do the actual grocery shopping, and get dinner on the table. I think something’s going to give, if not two somethings.

I took both girls for a haircut last Thursday. I’m not sharing pictures because I’m not really happy with either cut. Daisy’s is flat out uneven. How you mess up a single length blunt cut, I don’t know, but the lady did. Tabitha’s is even, just not quite what I asked for, which I thought might happen as the hairdresser did not seem to understand what I was saying. Thankfully, it’s not like either is terrible and it will grow. I’m going to let Daisy’s grow about an inch and then I’ll take her somewhere else to get it re-done. Tabitha’s will have to grow a little longer before we can do anything about it. Like I said, though, it’s not a terrible cut so she looks fine in the meantime.

I have half an hour left and probably should work on that menu and shopping list. I’m kind of doing the ostrich thing though and assuming if I ignore it, I won’t have to do it. I think the main problem is breakfast didn’t work with me and I’m hungry right now. I don’t really want to think about more food.

Daisy didn’t have any trouble in the regular beginner’s gymnastics class last week. I talked to the coach after to see if everything was okay and her response indicated to me I didn’t even need to ask as it was all good. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Alright, I’ve spent the last 5 minutes just staring at the screen, I think it’s time to sign off.

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One Response to “from this morning”

  1. Ashley Says:
    September 15th, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    I don’t know where you took the kids for their hair, but all places that don’t actually style the hair are awful. Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, any place that let’s you walk out the door with wet hair is crap. The people there are just dolts. I’m obviously very passionate about this and bc of my childhood experiences I pretty much don’t let anyone cut my hair now.