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Thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day weekend

By Tara Zandra | September 8, 2009

It certainly was a good one :)

Sunday morning we met my in-laws for brunch at Acapulcos. It was very delicious, they even had fried plantains! Aside from the food, we also had good conversation. All in all, a wonderful morning!

We relaxed at home for a little while and then Chris and Tabitha went off to a Dodger game. They wanted to go really early for some kids’ activities and frankly, I just can’t enjoy myself with Daisy at a game. So I suggested she and I stay home. When I told Daisy, her response was to put her arms in the air and yell, “Yay!” so clearly I made the right decision. She was a little sad to miss out on the Webk!nz giveaway, but it turns out Ganz shipped the wrong one and we already have it so I was really glad not to take Daisy when I found that out!

While they were gone, I did a little (very little) scrapbooking and Daisy played in the same room as me. Eventually she said she was ready to go to Target. Aside from a couple items I needed, we were going because Daisy had been promised a particular toy that she fell in love with. Of all things, it’s a McDonald’s cash register and food. She loved it so much she was in tears just thinking about it Sunday morning. Needless to say, she was thrilled to actually own it- though I still haven’t figured out why she wanted it so much.

As soon as we got home, I opened the toy and she played with it for probably a little more than an hour. Then she added other toys to it and played with it another hour. At least I got my money’s worth!

Since it was just the two of us for dinner, I let her pick whatever she wanted and she chose soup. I added to that by serving soup and salad as well as cheese bread. I didn’t have time to make soup so I bought a canned soup and I thought it was kind of putrid, but Daisy enjoyed it, and since it was her request, I’m glad she liked it.

Sunday morning we got up early as can be and headed out to Disneyland. We did attractions that we normally bypass so it was a different kind of day. Very relaxed and enjoyable. We left around 11:00am and felt it was 3 hours well spent.

We ate lunch in the car, so once home we all did our own thing and then my BIL came to get Tabi and take her to see Bandslam. While she was gone, Chris and I took turns napping and Daisy played on the computer. I also put together a pasta salad for later that evening.

Once we got Tabitha back, we headed out to the mall for 2 quick stops. Daisy needed new ballet shoes and we also wanted to drop into the Disney outlet, but we were drawn into American Greetings by their Webk!nz sale sign. Boy what a sale! We ended up with 2 plush, 5 pieces of clothing and a purse for me (not Webk!nz but the Count from Seseme Street, it’s purple!) and the after-tax total was less than the regular cost of the two plush. Seriously, the clothes and the purse were 90% off! I have wanted that purse for a long time, but always put it back on the shelf- even when it was 50% off. But I wasn’t about to pass it up for 90% off!

The ballet shoes were bought and then we perused the Disney outlet and it was not good. I’m sorry, but taking $4.00 of a $30 shirt does not constitute outlet prices, I don’t care if it did come from Disneyland. The amount of clothes was astounding and all of it was still over-priced. Needless to say, we left with nothing.

Next we went to the park for a picnic dinner. We only had the pasta salad because it is so filling. But it was cool under the trees and the food was good. After we finished eating we played with something my MIL gave the girls the day before. It’s called rocket balloons and basically you take very long balloons and fill them with a hand pump. Then you let go of the balloon and it goes flying with quite the high-pitched buzzing sound. It certainly delighted the children and even Chris and I enjoyed playing with them.

After all that was put away, we got the kids’ scooters out and they rode on the long path. Chris moved the car to meet us at the other end so we wouldn’t have to go back all uphill. I think we left around 7:15 with two very tired kids :)

We got the kids to bed and simply waited a little bit for Tabitha to fall asleep and then Chris and I followed suit around 10 as we were wiped out from the weekend. That’s how I know it was a good one!

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