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Need an earlier start

By Tara Zandra | September 6, 2009

I didn’t get up until 6:30 today, but since I can’t exactly go straight into a bleary-eyed workout, by the time I started it was 6:50. I’ll admit I cut it a smidge short because I can’t find one piece of equipment, only about 5 minutes, but by the time I was done and out of the shower it was 8:00am and of course Daisy had been long up by then. I think I’ll go to a 6 o’ clock alarm tomorrow because I really prefer to be done with morning stuff as early as possible.

While Chris was getting his haircut yesterday, the girls and I went into PetSmart where I had to threaten Daisy with sitting in the car waiting (not alone of course, don’t get the wrong idea!) because she would not leave the animals. Tabitha has also renewed her campaign to get a parakeet. Honestly, I do think Santa will bringing her the cage, food, and informative books and then Chris and I will take her to get a bird after she’s read the books. Daisy loves looking at the animals but she’s happy with her fish and the dog so doesn’t even ask for one.

Besides the pet store we also took a leisurely stroll through Target and then Chris called to say he was ready. We went home for lunch- stopping at one McDonald’s on the way (no toy)- and then headed out again right after lunch. We went to a McD’s we had never been to but had passed earlier this summer and it looked like it had a super cool play area. The girls played for a little less than an hour, but Tabitha did say it was misleading. It was big, but didn’t have much to do in that there was a lot of open space with nothing. But Daisy, being 4, had a great time. She insisted Tabitha stay with her though because there were tons of kids. Perhaps we’ll go back during the week sometime now that school has already started or will start this coming week. We were able to get one of the toys we needed too. One more to go! (Val, I’ll let you know if I need to take you up on your offer.)

We hit another McD’s, and a quick grocery store run before coming home again. We pulled out the “I Love Lucy” DVDs and watched the first 3 episodes after the pilot. Tabitha was laughing hysterically at one scene and it really brought a smile to my face. I love how timeless that show is and I’m thrilled that we have all the DVDs to watch them in order. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen them, they are still funny and such a joy :)

We had a lovely dinner of veggie dogs but we all seemed to stuff ourselves a bit, unfortunately. I guess they were just that good! We headed out yet again, but just to go to Ikea because Daisy had recently requested to go. We did purchase a new pillow for Chris and a full length mirror for our bedroom. Can you believe we haven’t had one since our’s broke about 9 years ago? We’ll finally be able to see an entire outfit at once! LOL

Finally our long day came to an end. We got both kids in bed, then watched the Dodgers win, watched one show and then collapsed in bed. I know I promptly fell asleep and I don’t think Chris had an issues either.

Today, more fun!

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One Response to “Need an earlier start”

  1. Mandi Says:
    September 8th, 2009 at 5:13 am

    You know, I always have to sit back and wonder at people who purposely get up early. I’m always ‘Seriously?? You got out of bed early because you WANTED to??’ And I must ponder that for a while and also internally scoff at such a notion. And then you work out right away and it is more than I can take. It’s like you are a different breed of woman. Or maybe that’s me….LOL