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By Tara Zandra | September 4, 2009

I’m not sure how as I sit here on a Friday morning, it feels like the week dragged on forever. We added dance back into our weekly activities so that could contribute to it. Especially as the girls now have class on two different days whereas we used to only go on one day. But last night I managed to move Daisy’s gymnastics class to the same time as Tabitha’s so I’m hoping that will help out. But she moved from Jr. Beginners to regular beginnners which is technically for age 6 and up. She’s worked with that coach before and she approved the move and if there’s a problem, she’ll let me know and we can adjust accordingly. I think there will be both pros and cons to the new class, as with anything.

I know I’ve been waiting for the weekend because it’s a 3-day weekend, so maybe that’s what made the week drag as well. I don’t know, all week I just feel like I’m in limbo and waiting. Not 100% sure what I’m waiting for though. Maybe for me to not have the a/c on at 9:30 in the morning? I like heat, even, but I’m over it. I probably say that about this time every year. I’d just like a one week break from the heat and then I’ll appreciate it again :) We’re even skipping park for the second week in a row. I feel bad about that, but I really can’t fathom sitting in 95+ degrees for 3 hours breathing in smoke air. Honestly I can’t even smell it at my house, but you can see how ugly the sky is and I know it’s not good to breathe for extended amounts of time.

I think Tabitha mistook my “no park” decree for a “laze about in PJs at the computer all day” decree. She just now is getting dressed (10:00am) and I think she plans to go back on the computer. That’s fine, it just means lessons will run longer today so we’ll probably still be doing them around 4:30, which doesn’t sit well with Daisy. She likes to start playing by herself from the moment she wakes up. Woe be to anyone who tries to alter that plan with telling her to get dressed or, goodness forbid, run an errand. She will continue to play by herself until around 2ish. Then she wants Tabitha’s attention and nothing will deter her. Many times she’s content to just sit next to Tabitha at the computer but eventually she wants to play. So when lessons run long it’s hard on her. Plus, Tabitha isn’t exactly ready to jump straight into playing when she’s done with lessons. She’s likes unstructured time in the playroom or to read. A couple weeks ago Tabitha started watching tv again. Apparently that novelty has worn off though because I have three episodes of Jonas sitting on the Tivo unwatched. She’s way more interested in playing, reading, computer games, and crafting to take time out to watch TV. Fine with me :) Little one has the same approach. She watches more than Tabitha, but it’s not something I have to police. She’ll ask me to turn it on in the morning and more often than not, she’ll watch one Playhouse Disney show and then turn it off. Maybe once or twice a month she sits there longer and will watch 4 shows, but since it’s so rare, I feel no compulsion to say no.

I’m not exactly one to talk about not getting dressed this morning though. I’m dressed, and have been for awhile, but I’m still makeup free with my hair in a headband and slopping ponytail. I really should do something about that at some point. We’re not going anywhere, but I don’t feel complete unless I’m fully presentable.

One thing that needs to be done is supervising children in cleaning up a couple key areas. Daisy has completely taken over the dining room with about 5 different types of toys. In the girls’ room there approx 150 Webkinz strewn about the floor. I’m going to have a battle on my hands as I know neither child is going to be happy. I do understand as I hated cleaning my room up until I was 16. At that point we re-did the decorations in my room to Mickey Mouse/Disney and I really wanted it to look nice all the time. Since then I’ve made my bed every single day, and I try to keep the house picked up. I don’t mind toys, as long as they are actively being played with, because I do expect a house to look lived in. But I don’t like things like cups being left in the living room or shoes in the dining room (to be honest, I’m guily of both of those, but picking up my own crap doesn’t bother me. I don’t like when I have to pick up other people’s missteps.) Anyway, my whole point was I figure eventually the girls will come to the same conclusion I did, when you have your own space that you are proud of, you take extra time to make it look nice. Note: this does not extend to deep cleaning- something which I fail at on a daily basis, lol.

Chris has been asked to work early the last 3 or 4 Fridays. Wouldn’t you know the one before a 3 day weekend and he’s working his normal [late] time? Wish he was coming home early, I’d like his company.

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One Response to “waiting”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    September 4th, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    Gillian’s like that about TV. She has one in her room (with a DVD player, no cable) and barely watches it - she’d rather draw, read or play on the computer. Every once in a while she’ll decide to watch a movie or some cartoons in her room, but even then she’s usually drawing at the same time.