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memorial day

By Tara Zandra | May 25, 2009

It was lovely having Chris home for an extra day this weekend, especially since we didn’t really get much of him on Saturday. We got up and going fairly early and went straight to the backyard as planned. The weather cooperated in that it was cool and cloudy during our hard labors. We took out every single weed from our stone planters which was no small feat. We’re talking weeds taller than Daisy. Thankfully it’s been dry the last month so they actually came out fairly easy. There was a small area we had worked on previously that only had a few stragglers left so we put Daisy in charge of that. She was thrilled to be working with her gloves and she looked so cute wearing my sun hat.

Chris then raked the whole area to get up as much as we could because of all the small burrs and stuff. Tabitha came and joined us and worked on sweeping the patio while I worked on a small area breaking up the soil with a shovel. We have very hard clay for soil so I was quite tired by the time I was done. Chris and Tabitha then took turns using a, um, 4-pronged twisty thing that could break up all the soil clumps I had dug (I don’t know what to call it). After that was done, Tabitha sprinkled a large seed packet around that is supposed to have butterfly attracting flowers. We covered with plant soil, lightly raked, misted, and prayed to the plants gods while crossing our fingers. We’ll see how it goes. The biggest problem will be the dog, of course. She’s not a digger, but she does enjoy sitting in the planters. We put little fences up on each side that we’ve had sitting in the garage for quite a few years; nice to finally put them to use. Hopefully that will do. By this time our two helpers had abandoned us so Chris and I finished all the sweeping and came inside to rest and have lunch.

In the early afternoon my mom came over for a visit and nice, long chat. I just saw her on Mother’s Day but I honestly don’t see my mom that often so it was nice to see her again so soon.

After she left, we had an easy dinner and then called my in-laws to see if they could take the girls for a little while. For Mother’s Day, my mom had given me a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and we hadn’t used it yet. We needed a bit of time alone so this seemed like a good opportunity. Since we had eaten dinner, and didn’t need a whole meal, we chose one of their small appetizers (crispy fried artichoke hearts) and we each picked one cheesecake; white chocolate caramel macadamia for Chris and Crunchy Snickers for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Cheesecake Factory so we took a minute to look through the menu- we definitely need to return there in the near future for a full meal.

After that is was business as usual with picking up kids and getting them to bed. I’m thinking we’ll watch a little Friends and then turn in.

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