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By Tara Zandra | May 24, 2009

It’s late and I’m tired, but as I’m currently waiting for Chris to come home and I don’t want another day to go by without blogging, I figured I better stop in.

Friday night, Chris and I kicked off the three-day weekend by staying up late and watching “The Bourne Identity.” We had never seen it before and received it from Netflix, oh, back in September. So we’ve been paying five bucks a month to not watch it. Definitely could have owned it and a sequel by now, lol. Oh well. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to getting the next movie in the mail this week. We won’t wait so long to watch it this time because we have nothing on TV right now. I think the only show we watch that hasn’t had a season finale is Simpsons- though maybe it’s finale was tonight and I just don’t know? So we’ll watch movies this summer while we wait for shows to come back. Other than Psych, of course, we’re waiting for it’s return in about a month.

Yesterday, Chris spent the majority of the day helping his brother move. Yay, in that he moved closer to us, but boo in that it took a day of the weekend. I was supposed to work in the backyard but as I stared out at it in the morning, I realized there was just no way for me to do that by myself. I’m not much a manual labor kinda gal. So I stuck to the inside of the house and accomplished a decent amount. I put the girls to work too; Tabitha cleaned out the entire craft portions of the Music and Art Center- she did a fantastic job, too! We interspersed our work with a showing of Snow White (though I worked while it was on) and we played Disney music for awhile and then in late afternoon we watched Make Mine Music plus the three bonus cartoons. Then Chris arrived home and we had dinner, then got kids to bed and then I fell asleep on the living room floor waiting for the Dodger game to end. When it finally ended we just went to bed because we had both worked hard are were quite tired by that point.

Today was time for Dodger Baseball! It’s the first game we’ve attended this season so we were all excited. The giveaway was for a Webk!nz which means both kids now have a ‘Lil K!nz Pug. Tabitha named her’s Mucho Macho and Daisy named her’s Carls (not a misspelling). We certainly enjoyed being at the game and saw the Dodgers score 7 runs; sadly we saw the Angels score 10 runs so it did not end well.

We dropped Chris off as he was meeting his brother for a concert and then the girls and I sat in horrific traffic to get home. Once we were finally in the door, I relaxed for maybe 20 minutes and then had to attend to dinner. I kept it very simple as it was late and had promised game playing with both kids. All three of us played Lucky Ducks, Wild Animal Bingo, and a Princess Fishing game before I got Daisy off to bed. Then Tabitha and I played Pirates of the Caribbean Life which took us forever to set up and read through the directions. So she got to bed rather late too. Of course, I can’t let them sleep in tomorrow or neither with go to sleep tomorrow night. But I’m so tired right now that there’s a good chance I won’t get up in the morning so I guess we’ll see how it all goes.

So tomorrow Chris stays home (yay!) and we’ll work together in the back. Not that he likes manual labor either, but at least we can bolster each other’s spirits :)

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