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What to say?

By Tara Zandra | April 30, 2009

I don’t want to stop blogging, but the reality is when things aren’t going very well, I tend to retreat. I don’t exactly pretend that my life is a constant stream of fluffly kitties hacking up sunshine and rainbows, but I also don’t blog details of down times. Plus life keeps throwing curveballs at me with a new issue having cropped up yesterday morning.

But in all honesty, my problems are small, especially compared to what a lot of people are going through right now. But when I try to remember that, I feel petty and spoiled to feel I have problems at all (except one, which I think my fretting is justified). So then I just feel melodramatic and boy does it make for dull writing! I’m sure some of you at least are nodding your heads in agreement :)

So what did we do today? Tabitha and I worked on her violin theory and let me tell you, we are both completely aggravated by it. One summer many moons ago I was on my way to WA to visit my grandparents. They had recently acquired a piano so my best friend lent me her beginner theory and music books. I read them on the plane and practiced all summer. That would be the extent of my musical instrument experience with the exception of one semester in drum line my senior year of high school. So of course, the only way I can relate Tabitha’s music theory book is via the piano which means nothing to her. When she tries to explain why I’m wrong using the violin, my eyes gloss over because I have zero idea what she’s talking about. It’s quite the comedy of errors, let me tell you. Thank goodness for the internet to help us out.

Aside from that, Tabitha also worked on French and has made it past her most recent hard part. She’s getting close to the next chapter and is looking forward to it. I told her to remember that enthusiasm when she gets stuck again and not to forget that she will get past it. This prompted a quick vocabulary lesson with Daisy who wished to know what “enthusibic” meant, lol. We broke out the new grammar lessons today. I looked through it pretty well yesterday and think it will live up to my expectations. We also worked on ancient history, spelling, and math. Daisy and I only did reading together today which is a shame.

Speaking of Daisy, she had gymnastics tonight and had a small meltdown. She came running to me crying- something about being nervous doing her back rollover to pike. Very odd as she had just done it a few minutes previous and it was rather out of character. She has her own issue going on right now though which is leading to not good sleep and odd behavior. Chris and I got her calmed down and she willingly went back out there. Her coach is wonderful though and helped her get her mojo back. I spoke with her after letting her know the reason Daisy ran off. She asked if Daisy had a perfectionist quality about her which I don’t know that I ever thought about. It would kind of make sense. The child never babbled or gurgled and went straight to full on talking. She didn’t like working on a word in reading if she felt she couldn’t read it properly the first time and she went through an issue with tap dancing that could be related to being a perfectionist. Unusual for the second child to have those feelings, but certainly not unheard of. Anyway, I’m sure it was an aberration and she’ll be back to normal next week.

Tomorrow is a loooooong day, even by the Anc Fam standards. So if I don’t blog tomorrow night, it’s simply because I didn’t make it through the day and collapsed.

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One Response to “What to say?”

  1. DD Says:
    May 1st, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    You know why I check in on you with each of your posts? Because you aren’t hip-deep in some crazyshit drama (as far as I know). I like that.