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By Tara Zandra | April 19, 2009

The kids’ schedules have become increasingly demanding and I’m the one who takes the brunt of it. I feel like I’m constantly under pressure and it’s been hard to keep any kind of balance lately. Almost everything has suffered, from my skin to my cooking to my working out. I don’t even feel calm enough to drink my green tea. I’m finding it hard to even sit here and type it out since my mind is constantly stressed about something.

Tomorrow (isn’t it always tomorrow?) I’m attempting to get that balance back. I need to get back into regular yoga and working out. I’m averaging twice a week for yoga right now and not at all for working out. It means getting up much earlier than I’d like, but I assume eventually it will be habit. I want to sit with my green tea and not Diet Coke while reading email in the morning and blogging at night. That part shouldn’t be so hard as I’ve almost completely lost my constant need for Diet Coke. I truly was so addicted to the caffeine and I can honestly say I am not now. Wednesday I didn’t have my first Diet Coke (caffeine-free) until 5pm- that’s called a record. Not only that, but I never felt like I needed it and didn’t particularly want one when I finally drank one. More and more I feel I should stop drinking caffeinated diet coke altogether, even when out at restaurants. As it is right now I go days without a caffeinated diet coke since I only drink them at restaurants so it shouldn’t be hard to do.

For lessons we’re going to try to stick to some semblance of a schedule simply out of necessity due to kid activities. But not a rigid schedule as in stopping one thing when we’re not done or forcing more when we’ve had enough. I wrote the schedule based on how long each thing should reasonably take. It also incorporates daily yoga for the kids, plus more science, sewing and cooking. I’m wanting to start a study on composers as well as music appreciation for both girls, but I need the supplies for that first and I’m not ready to place any orders yet.

So either the schedule will help get that balance back or completely back-fire and make me even more stressed. I guess we’ll find out this week!

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