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More PJ

By Tara Zandra | July 14, 2006

Other things I wanted to mention about the Pearl Jam concert.

We arrived early because we had to pick up our tickets at the box office and weren’t sure how the lines would be. Zero lines so we spent the time walking around and around the Forum. At one point I saw someone who looked so very much like Tim Robbins but I put the idea out of my head thinking his hair was too short and well, Susan Sarandon wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Yeah, it was him. I know because Eddie Vedder had him come up on stage so they could sing a duet. It was a re-written political song that went over very well with all the activist wannabes in attendance. There were definitely funny parts though.

Tim Robbins isn’t the only one who sang with Eddie. The whole thing was like a Pearl Jam sing along. Frankly, I’m okay with that and thought it phenomenal. At one point the band, including the drummer, turned around to the small section of people seated behind the stage and sang “Last Kiss” to them so they would get to see the guys from the front. I seriously dislike that song but Eddie made it fun by having the rest of the audience join in a do wap clap and it was good. Still don’t care for the lyrics though.

I have four videos up on You Tube that I took with my camera.

The show started with Eddie coming out and singing “Porch” acoustically before he introduced Sonic Youth. This is a 30s snippet.

When Pearl Jam took the stage, they started off with “Release” which is my 2nd favorite Pearl Jam song ever. I recorded the whole thing and though it is dark due to the stage lighting, the sound is really good.

One major audience sing along is, of course, “Jeremy.” Yes you can hear me singing, no I cannot sing worth a lick and no I don’t care. This is the full song, minus the first couple opening bars while I pulled out my camera, and the lighting is pretty good. Bounces around a bit because, well, I was busy dancing; like a chicken on a pogo stick, but you won’t see that on the video.

Partial video (1:18) of semi-acoustic “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town” which is Chris’s favorite song. He took this one.

Next time I’ll take a gazillion more memory sticks because there was so much more I would have loved to have recorded just to have.

Oh, and it struck me as funny that rather than lighters being used during ballads, cell phones are held up high.

Lastly, a review article that I enjoyed. It says a few things I’ve already mentioned, but worth the read if you’re a fan.

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  1. Melody Says:
    July 17th, 2006 at 7:25 am

    Hi, sounds like a lot of fun!