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bug off

By Tara Zandra | March 18, 2009

Last night there was a small moth in the living room. This morning I found a mosquito in the girls’ room. Then I went outside and a giant carpenter-like bee came walking into the garage then two wasps started flying around my head. And I found another small moth in the house. What in the world was going on? Tabitha was a tiny bit freaked and asked me if I was sure it was all a coincidence. I asked her as opposed to what? She mumbled something about an evil bug conspiracy and then left the room so you got me on what she was thinking.

In the mail today was the book “If…” put out by the Getty Museum. It has interesting ideas such as “If worms had wheels” and then an accompanying illustration. Kids loved it and read it together twice. As I was congratulating myself on the purchase, they kept the “If…” going by making up their own ideas. Excellent as far as I was concerned, until it continued for 15 straight minutes during dinner and neither child could be deterred. I guess the book achieves it’s purpose in getting them to free-think but it should definitely come with a warning to parents, lol.

Daisy was in charge of making dessert tonight. I pulled out an old Pampered Chef cookbook and she chose a cookie pie. Giant chocolate chip cookie baked on a stone spread with a cream cheese and sugar mixture then topped with chocolate pudding. Good grief was it rich beyond belief! Plus it comes with the added bonus of snacking on raw cookie dough ;) Tabitha cooked dinner which was sun dried tomato carbonara. Definitely a keeper recipe as it was enjoyed by all of us.

After dinner the girls donned helmets and rode their scooters for a quick errand to buy a newspaper for a paper mache project. It seemed to do the trick of tiring them both out as they fell asleep pretty quickly. Guess we should take them out for a ride every night :)

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