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a new week

By Tara Zandra | March 17, 2009

Last week didn’t really happen. Tabitha was sick so we used that as our excuse to be utter bums for the first part of the week and still kind of sleep-walked through the latter half of the week. It was good and bad at the same time.

Yesterday wasn’t normal for us either as it was my MIL’s birthday so we all went to Disneyland. Chris and my BIL took the day off work but didn’t tell her so that was a nice surprise when she saw them. We brought a tiara for her to wear and took her to lunch at Disneyland. In the evening, we met up with my FIL and went to dinner at Northwood’s Inn and stuffed ourselves silly :)

Today was back to the usual. Tabitha and I got a good amount of lessons in- math, writing skills, grammar, French, violin, spelling and ancient history. Tabitha also had a violin lesson as well as gymnastics today. Daisy and I read together while Tabitha was in her violin lesson. During gymnastics, Daisy and I went to the grocery store and picked up two Thomas and Friends magazines that are like little preschool workbooks so as soon as we got home the child demanded we do lessons together :)

I worked on some sewing today as well. The other day I was having a not so good time and was near a fabric store so Daisy and I popped in there. I went straight to the pattern books and found a cute Burda dress for Daisy (click to enlarge).


I had her pick out the fabric she wanted and came home and started right on it. I was in a much better mood after that so it worked! The only problem is Burda is much harder to understand than other patterns I’ve used. It does not have good pictures and makes far too many assumptions. So it’s been fun figuring it out. I have the bodice done and both sleeves and am in the process of attaching the sleeves to the bodice. From there it should be fairly easy as the skirts are nothing and then the little applique and buttons in the back. I think it will be cute when it’s done (hopefully tomorrow).

Still haven’t finished Day 1 of our WDW trip though so I really need to get back to that as soon as this dress is done. The problem is I have more of the sewing itch than scrapbooking itch right now. There are 5 other outfits I have in my head that I’d like to make a reality for the girls. If only I could give up eating and sleeping. But as Tabitha likes to tell me anytime I say that, a human can only live 8 days without sleep, then they die.

Then the sewing would never get done.

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One Response to “a new week”

  1. Marion Says:
    March 18th, 2009 at 3:23 am

    Glad to see you posting again….love hearing what you and the girls have been up to! Nice dress pattern!! Wish I could get motivated to make new kitchen curtains!

    Have a great week.