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It’s a sweat pants and make-up free kinda day

By Tara Zandra | March 9, 2009

Technically it’s yoga pants since I don’t own sweats but the feeling is the same. After a more than lovely weekend, Tabitha has come down with Daisy’s cold. She slept horribly and woke up sad which isn’t how you want to start your day. So she’s lazing around doing whatever she wants which leaves me fairly free. It’s just as well since I also slept poorly (thanks to Daisy visiting me 3 times) and I’m nauseus and my lower back hurts. Aside from laundry I’m hoping to just work on scrapbooking. I only have 3 more sets of pictures from Day 1 of our WDW trip and then can move onto Day 2. I’m keeping the layouts very simple, but they still take time.

But as I said, the weekend was lovely. Saturday morning we went to my in-laws’ for brunch as some family friends were in town just for the weekend. My MIL provided danishes, fruit, and bagels and cream cheese while I tried my hand at a breakfast strata. I’m rather pleased with how it came out and everyone else said they enjoyed it. I will definitely make it again for us some time.

After brunch we did stuff around the house. Chris took all the recycling out while I cleaned and when he was home we each took one bathroom and scrubbed it. My vacuum parts finally came (side rant- I’m so cheesed that within the 6 months after I bought the vacuum, filters for it were discontinued and the replacements are not available in stores. So I have to order them and pay shipping and wait forever. I cannot believe that they held the 2 items that were available while waiting to get the other back in stock. Extremely poor business practice and now I’m looking for an excuse to replace my vacuum. I will never buy Eureka again.) so now all my floors look good again as it had been 3 weeks since we had the cleaning woman do it.

I also worked on my mending and since I had the sewing machine out anyway, I did a quick craft for Tabitha. Earlier in the car, she and Daisy had been arguing over a small stuffed bunny. It’s something we found on a bus bench maybe 6 months ago and I gave it to Tabithat at the time. Well, Daisy pretty much took it but Tabi never said anything until Saturday. She accused Daisy of stealing and basically said she wanted it back because I gave it to her. Instead I told her I would make her a new stuffed bunny and she really liked that idea. I knew Tabitha would appreciate me making one more than Daisy, that’s why she got the offer of a one from me and we’re letting Daisy keep the found one. Anyway, I printed off a cute little bunny outline and went to work. I used an old pair of Daisy’s black knit pants for a nice, soft texture and kept it fairly loosely stuffed. I appliqued pink in the ears and hand stitched the face and the word Love on it’s backside. Tabitha was quite pleased with it and peace was had once again.

bunny.jpg bunnyback.jpg

Sunday morning we decided to head out for an impromptu adventure. We kind of were thinking about taking the girls to the snow, but while looking at maps of the mountains, we found an interestesting natural area called Devil’s Punchbowl. We thought it would be fun so we packed food and DVD player and headed out. It was supposed to be an hour and 45 minute drive, but it was 20 minutes less than that so just right. There was a mile long loop hiking trail that we set out on. The first 1/2 mile was all downhill and there was stream at the bottom that Tabitha decided she had to wade in so she hiked up her pants and jumped in. She cared not for the mammoth crocs on her feet and just wanted to be in that water. After a bit of time we finished the loop which was all uphill of course. Daisy proved again she is not a hiker, but she did better than last time which was in Big Bear and fairly flat. We figure if we get her back out often enough eventually she’ll come around. Then again, maybe not.

We did the whole hike in an hour twenty and were ready for lunch. We put the seats down in the XB and opened the back and sprawled out in there for our picnic. With all the windows rolled down we had a nice breeze and we felt refreshed after our hike. The drive home was uneventful though that’s when Tabitha started to display her first symptoms. Once home our children were replaced with two long, lost dwarfs- Surly and Weepy. Bedtime did not come fast enough, if you ask me :) Not that the problems went away during the night as previously mentioned.

And now I’m off to, well, sit in a different chair, I guess, and scrapbook :)

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