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laughter is the best medicine

By Tara Zandra | March 4, 2009

I just finished re-watching a fairly recent Robin Williams stand up routine that took place in the UK. I know I saw it before, but still funny to hear him greet Prince Charles and Camillia as Chuck and Cam. Not to mention all he had to say on Sarah Palin. Good times :) If you’re a fan, here’s the link.

Daisy and I both woke up just a little off this morning. She has definitely caught Chris’s cold and I can only hope that her super immune system does it’s job and she’ll be healthy very soon. I feel fine now, so if I’m getting it, it’s still a day or two off. Time will tell. Tabi seems okay for now.

In my inbox yesterday was an email from Redbox telling me that chihuahua movie was out so I went ahead and reserved it for Tabitha and picked it up while she was at violin. She really wanted to see it in theaters but I basically said no. I couldn’t event tolerate the thought of seeing that movie. So today she got to watch it in the comfort of the living room and I was able to completely ignore it. I cannot tell you one thing about that movie other than Jamie Lee Curtis was in it, and I’d like to keep it that way. I really have a low tolerance for what I consider stupid movies. Of course this from the person who loves the movie “Clue.”

Tabitha also earnestly worked on her scrapbook today (unlike me) and is having so much fun putting it together. I guided her with the basics of scrapbooking, such as letting the layouts speak for themselves, don’t overdo the extras, a journal box is a necessity 95% of the time, etc., but I haven’t done anything in the way of the creative process and she’s doing really well. They are so cute and very 10 year old girl :)

We also both did French today and I’ve discovered more words I cannot say besides garçon; they would be “journal” and “sandwich.” Tabi can’t say sandwich either so I don’t feel so bad. She’s better at pronunciation than I am, but I’m better at grammar, probably because I took 4 years of Spanish so I get the masculine/feminine concept a little better. I can’t speak Spanish worth anything though, other than to give directions to the bathrooms at Disneyland. Hopefully it will be different with French since it’s an immersive program as opposed to translation. When I read and hear the phrases, I honestly don’t think of the English meaning, my brain just flashes on a picture that triggers an instinctive meaning. I’m rather impressed with Rosetta Stone so far. I’m excited to keep going for a few years.

Looks like Lost is over and I get my husband back now. Bye ’til tomorrow.

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One Response to “laughter is the best medicine”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    March 4th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    “Mr. Boddy’s body! It’s gone!” :)

    We did see the chihuahua movie in the theater, and you didn’t miss anything. Gillian loved it, of course, and I’m sure Tabitha did too.