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Day o’ Love

By Tara Zandra | February 14, 2009

So two weeks ago the belt on my vaccuum cleaner broke. I ordered a replacement that same day and also ordered new filters since it was time. You see, when we bought our vaccuum a couple years ago, the parts were readily available at Target. But the very first time we needed to replace the filters, we learned that in that 6 month period, they discontinued our parts and put out a replacement. Of course no brick and mortar store carries the new parts so I’m stuck ordering them directly from Eureka.

Anyway, as of Wednesday, my vaccuum parts hadn’t shipped and with Daisy’s party being tomorrow, I was in a bit of a bind. I have a lot of carpet and two weeks of not being vaccuumed is not pretty. As I was lamenting to a friend on Wednesday, I mentioned I was considering hiring a service to vaccuum and also clean the bathroom because, why not, as long as I was hiring anyway. My friend gave me the number of her lady who got in touch with me and very graciously agreed to work today (Saturday) even though she normally would not work on a Saturday.

Wouldn’t you know she showed up without a vaccuum?

No really.

We got it all worked out, she left and got it from her regular car and came back with her partner and they got to work. Good grief they worked for 4 hours! This house has never, in the entire time I’ve lived here, sparkled and shined like it does today. She kept hinting about coming for us regularly and after the job she did today Chris says we should do whatever it takes. I mean the woman moved the refrigerator and cleaned under and behind it!

Anyway, aside from all that, it is Valentine’s Day so Chris and I took the girls to his parents and then we went out to PF Changs for lunch together. It was all so wonderful! We had a gift card that my mom gave Chris back in Nov. for his birthday so it was nice to finally put it to use. We had a great time alone together and it was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Eventually we had to return to our roles as Mommy and Daddy and go get the kiddie-winks. We had a little surprise waiting for them at home in the form of a balloon and Webk!nz for each of them. They had a surprise for us as well; they each made both of us lovely cards.

We also ran errands today including Pier 1 and I’ve determined we need to shop there more often. I fell in love with chairs I really want to get the kids for their craft table. They are on clearance but I’m being prudent and waiting 3 or 4 days before I decide. There’s a matching table as well, but (1) even it’s clearance price is higher than I like and (B) it’s larger than the current one so I’m unsure if it would fit well in the space.

The kids are both in bed now and Chris and I have spent a good portion of the evening decorating for the party tomorrow and now we’ll settle in to play a bit of Sims 2.

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