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Time for Tea

By Tara Zandra | February 11, 2009

First, I put up pics of Day 1 of Tabitha’s birthday weekend. They are on the same page as the party ones, so just scroll past the ones you’ve seen. Pictures.

Today the girls dressed up and the three of us went to a tea house for a formal tea with friends from our homeschool park group.


Tabitha had a really good time, Daisy had a miserable time which led me to only have an okay time. It was interesting (to me, NOT D) and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I was thinking it might be fun to take my mom on Mother’s Day (she doesn’t read here so I’m not spoiling anything) but I imagine they book up pretty fast for that. I should probably find out sooner rather than later.

Other than that, we had a normal day consisting of laundry and lessons though we only did math and worked on Girl Scout stuff. Daisy very much did not want to read tonight so that was that. Tabitha also worked on her Valentine cards to take to Girl Scouts this week and I had some separate GS stuff I needed to research. I’m trying to get someone from a local astrnomy club to come to a meeting for the girls to see the sky through a telescope. We have such horrible city light pollution that we don’t normally get to see the stars save for Orion in the winter. Hopefully it will work out.

Well it appears Chris is done with Lost, hopefully we can spend a little time together before sleepy time. More pictures tomorrow night! (I hope)

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