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Some photos and the weekend

By Tara Zandra | February 9, 2009

I got the pictures from Tabitha’s party up. So as to not feel overwhelmed I’m going to try to get just one set up a day until I finish with Daisy’s party (which hasn’t happened yet anyway). Tomorrow I’ll work on Tabitha’s actual birthday.

We had a fabulous weekend, though the kids might say otherwise as a good portion was spent driving. First off, I got my long-awaited birthday gift of a Wii Fit! My in-laws gave me cash to be earmarked for a Wii Fit way back in May. But of course they could not be found anywhere and I’m not one to chase delivery trucks all over town or line up overnight at a store. So we sat back and waited. Now they can be found so we picked one up this weekend.

Saturday morning we took the girls to Toys R Us as they each had a gift card to spend there from their birthdays. Daisy chose a Little Einstein’s book, a small plush Curious George, a small plush robot (it’s actually from a TV show that she’s never seen but she really likes robots), and a donut matching game. Tabitha also had a Visa gift card so she was able to get a DS game and a few Tinkerbell items for the computer. Next we went to lunch with my in-laws for Daisy’s birthday. We decided to let her open her gifts early on because that’s all she could think about so we thought it would be a good idea. Except she got something she really, really wanted and therefore spent most of the meal lamenting that she couldn’t open it. It’s a talking Handy Manny which is why we said she couldn’t open it. She perked up when her ice cream cake came though :) The end of the meal seemed to take forever though so I tested the toy and it wasn’t that loud so I ended up opening it for her anyway. She has spent so much time playing with that thing and just loves it.

We went home then but only for a couple hours and then headed out to take Tabitha to a friend’s birthday sleepover. It took just under an hour with the lovely downpour we drove through. But it’s just around the corner from an IKEA so Daisy, Chris and I went there for roughly 2 hours. It was packed and we were kind of meandering which made it exceptionally slow going. We even ended up taking a break in the cafe for a snack. We changed Daisy into PJs after we were done shopping and she did fall asleep on the way home so our plan worked.

Since we didn’t have to do any bedtime business with kids, we jumped right into learning how to use the Wii Fit. We had quite a bit of fun and I’m so happy we got it! After we were done with that we decided to karaoke and ended up staying up until 2:00am playing, singing, laughing and having a grand ol’ time :)

Sunday morning we went back out to pick up Tabitha. We got to the area about 20 minutes early so we went to Burger King so Daisy could play in the playplace. I left to get Tabi and brought her back with me. After we had all eaten, except Tabitha as she had eaten at the party, it was time for the long drive. But we had good reason- a Crocs’ outlet. It was totally in the boonies but so worth it. As you walk in they hand you a trashbag and you just fill it to take to the check out. The most expensive pair was $25, others were $15, $10, and even $5. Plus there were a ton of Jibbitz at 4 for $1. We cleaned up, let me tell you. I now own silver mary janes and love them.

We went three other places before finally making it home around 4:30pm with two very grumpy children. Chris and I then worked on finishing the playroom with our Ikea purchases and it’s finished! No pictures yet as there are a couple of small touches I want to finish up before I share. But the big stuff is all done and I am so thrilled! Next I want to get new floor mats and then it will be done-done.

I’ve rambled enough, time for me to sing good-night to Tabitha and then get fit with my Wii!

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One Response to “Some photos and the weekend”

  1. Aunt Kari Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 9:27 am

    Alessa and I got a Wii system and then 2 weeks later the Wii Fit game for our early Christmas present. We just lucked into finding each one and bought them on the spot. It is a fun workout, but I haven’t used it for the past couple of weeks. Time to play again. I love the river running balance game, the step arobics and the sitting and meditating while the candle burns down.

    Can’t wait for the birthday pictures. Both birthdays sounded like a wonderful time was had by all.