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I should be working

By Tara Zandra | January 28, 2009

I need to work on a shirt for Tabitha’s birthday. I bought rhinestones and I’m embellishing a shirt with a number 10 and putting a little crown over the zero. She will love it! I’m keeping it a surprise so need to work on it now while she’s in bed and Chris is watching Lost (of course). I’m listening to Chris Isaak this evening to drown out the blasts.

We went out tonight with my in-laws for Tabitha’s birthday dinner. She chose Olive Garden and it was a pretty good choice. I ate a wee bit too much so will make sure to get my workout in tomorrow morning. They gave her presents including a gift certificate to American Girl Place which she will use this Sunday. I have a few surprises in store for her and cannot wait. Oh, and Tabi lost yet another tooth at dinner tonight. Good thing the tooth fairy has a few ones in his wallet!

This morning Tabitha was working on some Girl Scout homework and had to do research on China. We spent about an hour and a half on it all together and we learned some pretty interesting things. I gave Tabs a quick primer in Communism and a great example came about when we found out that Girl Scouting, and Boy Scouting as well, has been banned in China since 1949. Later in the day we read a short story on the Oracle at Delphi for Ancient History and used horoscopes in our discussion on how general statements could be interpreted to fit your situation. But as we’re reading our actual horoscopes’, Chris’s mentioned he would be going out with relatives in the older generation and we really were! Nice coincidence :)

Daisy played most of the day as she is really into playing by herself right now. She still wants to play with Tabitha, of course, but she doesn’t even ask until well after lunch. She did stop for a minute to read to me though and she did so well. She’s turned a real corner in the last 2 months and her reading has really taken off. We’re almost done with the set of books we have, just 10 more reading sessions, so I’ll need to get the next level. Although I think I’ll stick with the same level and just get the other set of level 1 books because that will totally help her confidence level. Then after all those she’ll be more than ready for level 2.

All right, I really need to work on that shirt now.

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