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Three Pearls

By Tara Zandra | July 11, 2006

Pearly Shells
Saturday was our Halau’s annual hoike. It’s been a long week of practice and Saturday was also a very long day before the start of the show. When all was said and done though, the show was wonderful. I mainly only saw Tabitha’s 4 dances as I spent a lot of time downstairs with the little kids, but I managed to see enough bits and pieces of other dances to know it all went off wonderfully. No matter how many times I see Tabitha dance, I still want to cry and Saturday was no exception. The very first dance as I looked out from the wings I was overwhelmed with emotions while my baby danced. She’s not the best or the most graceful but she displays this enthusiasm that is infectious. She is such a joy to watch and I’m so happy with how much she enjoys being a part of hula.

Dancing to "Pearly Shells"
Liko class dancing to “Pearly Shells”

Black Pearl
So Sunday morning we decided to be tired and woke up bright and early. I believe my alarm went off at 5:30am. You see, it had been 3 weeks since we had been to Disneyland and all of us were going through withdrawals. That is far too long in between visits! The last time we went that long it’s because I gave birth to Daisy! In any case, recently the Pirates of the Carribean attraction was closed and several elements for the Pirates movies were added, namely, Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones. The attraction reopened last week so we were anxious to ride it but it has been boasting very long lines, as in a couple hours. This is why we got up so early to go. We arrived at Disneyland right at opening and immediately headed to the Pirates and were on and off by 8:30am. Normally Daisy is not a fan of this ride, but she has recently acquired quite the affinity for pirates in general. Anytime she sees a skull she calls it a pirate and will brandish a [play] sword exclaiming “Grr! Pirate!” at anyone who passes. “Ahoy there!” is also still a favorite expression. So we just told her she’d see pirates and she was more than happy to ride. Loved it once we were past the dark part with the drops and even that didn’t really bother her. The rest of us really enjoyed the new elements and I totally appreciate how they added the new while preserving the old. That’s my old haunting ground from when I worked there so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Tabitha meeting the captain of The Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow

Pearl Jam
Once we left Disneyland it was time to run home and get ready because our long-awaited night was here; time for Pearl Jam! Eddie Vedder was so in the moment of being there and being a part of the music. Last time we saw PJ he seemed to be there in body only, this time he was wholeheartedly there in mind and spirit and sang and played as if the music compelled him to move and just *be* the music. Stone and Jeff (guitarist and bassist) spent several songs in front of each other, playing to each other, absorbing the music from the other. It was sensual, but not sexual. Mike McCready (guitarist) plays the part of rock god but there were times he stood on the edge of the stage and rather than playacting, he seemed to get renewed energy from above, from the rock gods of yesteryear.

The set list was incredible. They started out with one of my absolute favorite songs and near the end played my all-time favorite song of theirs. In between it was nothing but fabulous music, energy, and emotion. In the end they played for a total of 2 hours 45 minutes. It truly was an emotional experience and not something I feel will be duplicated no matter how many times we see them over the years.

Pearl Jam!
Our seats were pretty good. I even took some video

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  1. Melody Says:
    July 17th, 2006 at 7:29 am

    I enjoyed the photos and the read! What a fun day!!!