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Again with the unconnected thoughts

By Tara Zandra | July 7, 2006

We watched the first two episodes of Rockstar:Supernova last night. First off, stupid ass name. Secondly, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke look horrific. Third, Fourth and so forth, Dave Navarro is rivaling Ryan Seacrest in the race for title of Grand Metrosexual on a Reality Series. We watched 2.5 hours of the show in one hour. That should say something about the performers. Ghastly. Absolutely ghastly. Let’s hope they improve because so far, color me unimpressed.

Personal to the hubby: “Toot, toot, chugga, chugga, big red car.” There, now we both have a Wiggles song stuck in our head and it won’t just be me.

Speaking of the 4 singing men from Australia, I put in an order on their Wiggly Website a few days ago. Thankfully the dollar is stronger than Australian dollars because I don’t want to know what my total would have been otherwise. Anyway, I was charged and then two days later had the charge on my acct. and the same amount in my pending charges. Today I check my acct. again and though that pending charge is gone, Disneyshopping.com did the same thing with my order for them. If this is a new e-merchant trend I really don’t like it. We are 100% a cash family and I just use my check card to pay for purchases so when they basically double the amount on hold in my acct. it makes it difficult for me to do my banking properly. They didn’t use to do this but if this is now the norm I won’t be shopping online very much. Not that I do that much because I hate shipping fees, but this past week is an exception and I actually have about 5 or 6 orders out there. Thankfully, only the Wiggles and Disney seem to do the hold thing so far (and no, the Wiggles site is not in anyway run by Disney, just a coincidence).

Last night’s hula practice was cancelled for the kids and that basically ruined Tabitha’s night. She was so looking forward to it and as we were on our way to the store when I got the call, I said I’d make it up to her by buying her something (as is my way). I suggested a magazine simply because it’s something different and I thought she’d find something she likes. She chose a magazine called “Pop Star” because it came with a special High School Musical insert (side note: Why is that movie so damn popular? It’s gad awful and I hate when any of the songs come on Radio Disney, which is roughly every three songs). So it came with pull out posters and now Billie Joe [of Green Day] stares down from the back of my 7 year old’s door. Kind of weird considering he has a 7 year old himself (in addition to an 11 year old) and he’s two years older than me.

Today I plan to expand on yesterday’s theme of sitting around and reading. It worked well for me and I see no reason to change it. The kids don’t care as long as I read right in the middle of whereever they are so they can climb on/love/annoy the heck out of me.

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