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17 hours and counting

By Tara Zandra | July 3, 2006

I’ve been up since 3:45am, how about you? Two sick kids. One of which will only take mom (that’s me) and of course that’s the one that was up the most. I’m dead tired and about ready for bed myself now that we’ve got half the offspring in bed for the night.

But despite my absurd tiredness, we had a good day. The girls and I started off by going to Lakeshore Learning so Tabitha could get people color crayons. I mentioned them to her about a month ago as she always lamented the lack of choice when it came to coloring skin in coloring books. She likes variety and felt she could only do apricot or brown. Now she has a whole rainbow. I also picked up play coins for our math lessons but now feel I probably should have bought two packs.

Next was on to Whole Foods with a Jamba Juice inside. I probably should have asked for two shots of the energy boost instead of one, but the smoothie was still wonderful. Unlike the service, I might add. Daisy and Tabitha both enjoyed their smoothies as well, though Daisy had a very small mishap with hers and then refused to drink any more of it. We stocked up on various soy meats and Tabitha picked out a gouda and a bread while I chose a havarti with dill. We headed home and Daisy fell asleep and then stayed asleep for the next 2+ hours.

During that time Tabitha completed her patriotic pictures. Yesterday she colored an American flag and set up her Uncle Sam Mr. Potato Head. Today she drew Abraham Lincoln (to use the new people color crayons), fireworks using metallic crayons on black paper, a picture of sparklers and an American Style Cow. I’ll get pics up tomorrow.

I was feeling pretty wiped by the time Chris got home so we went out to eat which was probably a mistake. I always say that after we leave a restaurant, I need to learn to say that before we ever make that decision. Anyway, next we stopped at Target to get Tabitha some night time cough medicine in the hopes that one kid will sleep tonight.

And now, I shall attempt to watch Treasure Hunters with Chris, but we’ll see if I last the hour.

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One Response to “17 hours and counting”

  1. Melody Says:
    July 17th, 2006 at 7:38 am

    How are you liking Treasure Hunters? I’m hooked!