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This is why I do not have half a dozen children

By Tara Zandra | November 22, 2008

Today was our American Girl Book Club meeting. We were discussing Samantha, a turn-of-the-century girl with the books based in 1904. For whatever reason the girls started a screaming game within 10 minutes of arriving. I don’t know why but they seemed to know. Good grief they were loud! Once we started the meeting we had a good time. We had a great discussion that was wonderful timing since the women’s suffrage movement is a big theme of these books and of course, we just voted two weeks ago. It was interesting to see their faces when I told them if this was 100 years ago, none of their mothers would have been able to vote. We also talked about the propriety of young girls and how they would have all had to curtsy to me and wait for me to speak to them before they could speak to me. Then for fun I had them all get up and curtsy to me, lol.

Next was crafts where they first created their own calling cards then exchanged them with each other. We did two holiday crafts as we’ll be watching the Samantha movie at the next meeting and it is rather holidy themed. So we touched on that this week and they made snowflakes decorated with glitter glue (for which their parents will be cursing me a long time after their car rides home) and then they made foam gingerbread houses from kits I found at Target.

I’m fairly sure they all had a good time which is always my goal.

After that I was pretty wiped out so we decided to go to dinner. We chose Ruby Tuesdays as they are new here though we once ate at one in NH. It was good, but more than I had meant to spend and that kind of cheesed me off but oh well. Then I ran into Target for milk and Sunny D and came back home to clean everything up from the meeting. By then it was bedtime for Wee Miss and in about 5 minutes Tabitha will follow suit. I think Chris and I have a couple shows to watch and then I must go collapse in bed.

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One Response to “This is why I do not have half a dozen children”

  1. Marion Says:
    November 23rd, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    LOL..for similar reasons, I do not have half a dozen children. I once made the mistake of letting oldest DD invite 17 classmates to her “Spice Girl” themed party in the late 90’s….um…never again…our house shook!!
    But ya gotta love them…

    Take care