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By Tara Zandra | November 17, 2008

Chris and I went out test-driving cars yesterday. The car is to be for him but is going to be our new weekend and family car. So we had Chris do the driving and I rode in the backseat to get a feel for how it would be for the kids and that they would have the proper ammenities. We’re looking at cross over types so we drove the PT Cruiser, Chevrolet Caliber, and Pontiac Vibe. The Vibe was definitely the favorite. The Cruiser was just awful in the back seat. You can’t see out the front window and there is no stability at all so it’s was like constantly being thrown around on turns. Honestly my stomach felt queasy after a 15-minute drive. There is no way I would put kids back there on a regular basis. The Caliber fell in the middle, it wasn’t horrid, but by no means fabulous. I really enjoyed the Vibe but we’re not ready to say that’s the one so we did more online searching last night and we’ll be going out again with new choices in hand. We’re going to expand the search a little to even check out mini-SUVs, but they must meet our gas standards so I think that’s only two of them.

Other than that, Tabitha worked on Girl Scout activities in the morning and put on a lovely puppet show for us of “The 5 Chinese Brothers” folk tale. Then we dropped the kids off with my in-laws so we could do the aforementioned test-driving. In the afternoon we joined the kids and had build-your-own pizzas at my in-laws’ before heading out. We actually went to a brand new Toys R Us before coming home so that was pretty fun. Then it was home and bed for the kids and Amazing Race for me and Chris.

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