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a week gone by

By Tara Zandra | November 15, 2008

Good week. Long week. The girls and I went to Disneyland on Wednesday to take advantage of beautiful weather and low crowds. Man was it empty! We had a fabulous time, that’s for sure. We went back to Pixie Hollow and saw the new High Schoo Musical 3 show so it was a great day as far as the girls were concerned. And we ran into our old friend Alice (as in Wonderland). We haven’t seen her in well over a year so it was wonderful to see her again. She kept hugging on the girls like old times. We met up with her and Mad Hatter to play musical chairs. Daisy and I were partners because Mad Hatter was loud and boisterous so she was a bet nervy around him. But I danced her around and she got really into it. At one point she was doing the robot. The actual dance “the robot” because my crazy other half taught it to her to go with They Might Be Giants’ song Robot Parade. Good times :)

Mon, Tues, Thurs was lessons and classes for both kids which I could not possibly recount in a remotely interesting way at this point. Friday was a mistake. I decided it would be a good idea to go shopping after park before Tabitha’s gymnastics. That was a bad decision. Daisy is in the midst of being very 3 with tantrums. Now mind you, her tantrums are nothing like what I went through with Tabitha. They are a mere blip in the day. But, having 5 in one day isnt’ easy regardless of how short lived they are. So, you couple Daisy’s current feelings with the fact that Friday is hard anyway because it’s the end of a long week of doing things and classes and what-not and you have a recipe for disaster. My own fault for not really thinking. But at least I got the things I went for- perhaps it was worth it.

Thursday was my mom’s birthday so the girls and I made her cards and went to visit her that evening after Daisy’s gymnastics. It was a nice visit, though not nearly long enough due to the late hour. We’ll see her again next week though so that’s a consolation.

Which brings my scattered thoughts to today. Tabitha had a girl scout event and I also stayed to help. Daisy was told she got to stay home with Daddy and do whatever she wanted all day. From what I understand that involved a lot of marble playing with Chris. This evening’s dinner was provided by Tabitha. She’s working on her cooking badge and needed to come up with her own no-bake recipe. She made Ritz Cracker Sandwiches. She chose edam, gouda, chedderella and monterey cheeses plus pickles, lettuce, soy lunch slices, and Rondele cheese spread and made lots of different combinations of these sandwiches. Very tasty and as a bonus, we now have *lots* of cheese :)

And now I shall go join my husband in the living room since I haven’t really gotten to speak to him all day.

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One Response to “a week gone by”

  1. Marion Says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 6:42 am

    Tabitha’s “cooking” sounds very tasty!!

    I’m wondering if those fires we are hearing about are effecting you in any way?

    Take care