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shrinky dinks and volcanoes

By Tara Zandra | November 9, 2008

We kept close to home this weekend but we still had fun. Yesterday, Chris and Tabitha used plaster of paris to create a volcano. The activity was based on the ancient island of Thera which wasn’t so much an island as an active volcano that pretty much destroyed the Minoans. Last night Tabitha and I worked together to get it painted brown and today was the eruption!


We saved the volcano for future use because Tabitha wants to try it with Diet Coke and Mentos, lol.

Aside from the grocery store, we only left the house today to visit a local nursery. We wandered around with no real purpose, just enjoyed being there and seeing the different types of plants, fountains, and gazebos. It was a pleasant way to spend half an hour.

Chris and Daisy played together most of the evening and I finally helped Tabitha do her Disney Fairy Shrinky Dinks that I think she got for last Christmas! They’ve been colored for a loooong time but for whatever reason we never baked them. We ran into a slight snag in that you’re supposed to watch them bake so you know when they’re done. Well, my oven doesn’t have a glass door and there’s no way to see into the oven! We worked it out though and just peeked at 20-second intervals. Tabitha was amazed at how small they became and can’t wait to do more. I’m thinking we’ll get some blank sheets and the girls can make Christmas ornaments.

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