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annoyed and a really long paragraph on Star Wars

By Tara Zandra | June 28, 2006

We attempted to take the recycling for the third time today and once again the machine was broken. I’m tired of hauling all those empty 2-liters in my trunk. Do you know how much Diet Coke I drink? Seriously, it’s packed to the gills.

My monitor took a weird dive last night and now there is one color that isn’t right and for the life of me I cannot fix it. Chris tried last night and we thought it was fine but I had a headache within 5 minutes of signing on this morning. After some frustration I simply set the Windows theme to XP default and shut down for the day. Eventually I needed to do something online so I turned my computer back on and changed my background, icons and sounds back to my Disney stuff. Though I’m no longer getting a headache, it still doesn’t look right and it’s bothering me. I don’t know if it’s the monitor or some weird setting either which is helping me know how to fix it.

I have too many obligations coming up right now and I don’t want to do any of them. I don’t know what it is with me but I hate having any sort of obligation at all, even fun ones. I just want it to be July 9th when we’re back on my schedule and nothing else can dictate our life.

Did I mention Tabitha has come down with a cold? Yeah, this is what we need on top of a gazillion extremely necessary hula practices for the next week and a half. She needs the rest to be in top shape for the show, but she needs to go to all classes in order to know what to do at the show. Bad timing on the germs. Let’s just hope to goodness the child doesn’t pass them to the rest of us.

We finally watched the third (or sixth, depending how you want to look at it) Star Wars movie the other night. It put me in a funk for two days. Bizarre and I’ve been trying to come up with a way to articulate it. Star Wars first came out when I was 3. I don’t really recall the first time I saw it or Empire Strikes Back, but I know I did. Return of the Jedi I saw by myself in a theatre in Vegas. I loved that movie. I mean loved it. I bought the book and read it over and over and my two [male] friends and I used to act it out at recess. I, of course, got to be Leia. I used to dream of how we could put on a play version for an audience. Lacking ambition, talent and, well, any viable way to portray a starspeeder and that idea was scrapped. In any case, eventually I moved and pretty much stopped caring about Star Wars other than a fond memory of my childhood. When I worked at Disneyland I did get trained on Star Tours and spent many happy hours over there immersed in the music. I borrowed a book from my bil that was based on Star Wars and wanted to read more, but stopped working that attraction and again, my interest waned. Then the new movies came out. Wow! The first was really cool because we watched a pre-screening the night before it was released. We actually got to pass all the people in line for the “first” showing. I did enjoy it but it didn’t stick with me in any way. Fast forward to number two, Attack of the Clones. Now we’re talking. This one prominently featured Anakin and Padme and how their relationship was evolving. Suckered me in that one did. Loved it, I don’t care what the rest of the world said. So I really looked forward to Return of the Sith. And yet, didn’t get to see it in a theatre because of a certain Wee Miss who would not allow herself to be baby-sat. So we pay-per-viewed and Tivo’d it. Three months ago. I’m horrible about deciding to watch a movie, it’s never how I want to spend two hours. But we finally did. And, as I mentioned, it hung over me for two days and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. To me, it’s as if they were real people who once existed; I think just because Star Wars was so much a part of my childhood, like it was for many people my age. So it was sad to see Anakin essentially kill Padme because of his love for her. It was a love story gone oh-so-horribly awry. I’m not a Shakespeare person (and actually seriously dislike most versions of Romeo and Juliet) but this was such a classic tragedy. Anyway, it took me a couple days to stop being sad over it. Bizarre. On a side note, but unrelated to my feelings, I did not care for Natalie Portman in this movie. She was fine in the first two but she was changed in this one and I just saw Natalie Portman, not Padme. I hate when that happens. I don’t like focusing on the actor, I want to focus on the character. Also, the dialogue wasn’t quite right in several places. But no one has ever accused George Lucas of being a genius in the dialogue department so I shouldn’t be surprised.

In the vein of movies, there are about 6 we want to see right now and won’t get to see more than one. Probably Pirates and that’s would be best on the big screen.

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One Response to “annoyed and a really long paragraph on Star Wars”

  1. Suzanne Says:
    June 29th, 2006 at 6:34 am

    I agree, I was disappointed in the last Star Wars as well. I just didn’t get what happened to the kickass warrior Padme. She turned wimpy. And she had 2 babies to take care of, how could she “let” herself die of a broken heart? It just was not right, and it bothered me for quite a while too.